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CBS Sued Over 'MacGyver' Reboot

By TheBlast Staff

CBS is going to need to fashion a legal defense out of a paper clip and some gum because they are being sued over the rights to the remake of the classic TV series, "MacGyver."

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, two companies — Hanzer Holdings and Arlita, Inc. — claim they are the successors to Major Talent Agency, Inc., a now-defunct talent agency. MTA negotiated the deal for Henry Winkler and John Rich, who served as executive producers on the show.

When the deal was struck in 1984, Hanzer and Arlita claim it called for MTA to receive 10% of "total licensing revenue" for any "spin-off series" that arose from anything that came out of that deal.

"At the time of 1984 Agreement," they claim, "the term 'spin-off,' unless further defined, was broadly understood in the industry to mean a television series that is based on, comes out of, or otherwise derives from an earlier television series, including what are referred to today as, among other things, 'reboots,' 'revivals,' 'remakes,' 'sequels,' and 'spin-offs.'"

They claim that when the original "MacGyver" was on the air, MTA (and later, Hanzer and Arlita) received their money no problem.

When the new series launched in 2016, Hanzer and Arlita claim they reached out to CBS to advise them they were entitled "to a package commission consistent with the terms of the 1984 Agreement."

But the plaintiffs claim they have yet to receive a dime from CBS for the spinoff.

They are suing for breach of contract and are seeking unspecified damages.

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