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Can The 'Botched' Doctors Make This Man Look Like This K-Pop Superstar?

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By Jeff Mazzeo

Some people will stop at nothing to get what they want and in Oliver's case, what he wants is to look exactly like BTS member Jimin.

On Monday's new episode of "Botched," The British BTS superfan came across the pond to get the help of Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow to help him get one step closer to his dream of being a K-Pop star. Oliver told the "Botched" cameras that he has spent over $250,000 on several plastic surgeries but had a set back when trying to achieve the "smallest Korean nose possible."

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It's An Obsession


The show followed the superfan to a K-Pop dance class where he revealed that he became obsessed while living abroad teaching English in South Korea. His passion for K-Pop is so deep that he learned to sing and released some music. His dancing needs a little work from what they showed during the episode.

Unfortunately, when the doctors took a look at Oliver's nose, they noted that there was not much they could do due to the previous surgeries. He had surgery in Korea and one in China. Dr. Nassif suggested it would be too much of a health risk to make his nose any smaller.

"So, even if I wanted to, you can't make this smaller. Because, there's no cartilage there. It's gone," Dr. Nassif told Oliver. "Your nose is already as close as possible. You're done."

Oliver thankfully listened to Dr. Nassif's advice.

"I'm terrified about what you said, actually. Like, about my nose falling off or going black," he said. "I'd rather have a big nose than no nose."

The Doctor's UK Kim K Wannabe

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Another one of the doctor's patients also happens to be from the UK and originally wanted to look like Kim Kardashian. Jorden was the victim of two botched surgery jobs in Turkey and came to Los Angeles to see if the best plastic surgeons could fix her up.

Dr. Dubrow took the time to discuss the risks of "medical tourism" and said that many people do not think about the possibility of complications and post-operation care.

Jorden needed two separate operations, one on her butt and one on her stomach. Both procedures could not be completed at the same time because of the drastically different recovery processes.

The Surgeries Were Hard To Watch

Giphy | E!

Her surgeries were extremely graphic and hard to watch at some points but Dr. Dubrow noted that the previous surgeon injected her with "dead fat" that died because of the type of liposuction she had. The doctor found fat necrosis and fluid-filled cysts while operating but was able to deliver a "good shape."

A few weeks later, Jorden returned for her second operation. The doctor did what he called a "high risk" tummy tuck and was surprised by the girl's scar tissue. The craziest part of the episode was when Dr. Dubrow held up two giant slabs of skin and fat that were removed from the young woman. After the doctors dealt with "significant scarring", they tightened her abdominal muscles and gave her the nice butt and flat tummy every 24-year-old wants.

Just another day in the life of a plastic surgeon.

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