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Major 'Bump Stock' Supplier Stops Sales After Vegas Shootings

By TheBlast Staff

The company who developed and sells "bump stocks," the firearm modification that enabled Stephen Paddock to fire his weapons like fully automatic machine guns into hundreds of people, has halted sales.

Slide Fire boasts that they invented, patented, and developed the Bump Fire System, which uses the recoil of a semi-automatic firearm to fire multiple shots in rapid succession.

On Thursday, Slide Fire posted a message to their website that they are suspending new orders. The company says the reason is to "provide the best service" for existing orders.

It seems the suspension may be a reaction to Stephen Paddock outfitting his assault rifles with the modification before he murdered 59 people and injured hundreds more.

On the other hand, gun enthusiasts scramble to purchase product when they feel it may be at risk of becoming illegal, so it's possible Slide Fire was overrun with orders.

The "bump stocks" have come under so much scrutiny in the past few days, that even the NRA has asked the ATF to review the regulations on purchasing and equipping them on firearms.

We reached out to Slide Fire, so far no word back.

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