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BTS Achieves Another Accomplishment

Gettyimages | Jeff Kravitz
By Enoch K

The Bangtan Boys are having a great year and only seem to be going upward! They seem to get bigger with every release. However, the latest album Love Yourself: Answer hit another feat for the boys! This will be a reflection of the success they have achieved, how the fans played a big part in this success, and how the future looks for BTS.

1. The History Behind the Album

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2018 was a great year for BTS as they released hit singles, such as Euphoria and Fake Love. Fans supported the singles immensely to the point where they broke records with those releases. However, with the release of the song Idol, their fanbase and their music seemed to be plastered on every news article and video.

This song came off the record-breaking album, Love Yourself: Answer. As of today, the LY:A album is the longest Kpop act to remain on the charts for an entire year. A huge accomplishment for Kpop as it is still seen as a niche music choice for many.

2. The Fans are the Reason

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The Boy in Luv crooners continuously give thanks to the fanbase for always streaming and buying their music. The fanbase on social media is the main reason why their music has been distributed at such a rapid pace. You can go on Twitter and anytime a member does something they will become a trending topic.

The Idol song featured Nicki Minaj, who has her own fanbase, combined with the other two fanbases ... fans are still streaming the music to support their favorite artists.

Of course, the fans are not the sole reason. The boys have worked incredibly hard. Attending a lot of music shows, Ellen, and a lot of sleepless nights.

3. Is this the End?

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The fans will always stream the music whenever the artist releases music. However, what is next for the boys?

BTS just finished a world tour and knowing the K-pop industry means they are or have been thinking about their next concept. This means another feat for them to climb over. They have already broken album sales in South Korea, but their sights seem to be set on world domination. At this point, nothing seems to be a hard feat for them. As long as they release music, the fans will eat it up and promote it everywhere for them.

We will always be watching to see what's next for the boys. Everyone loves them and their fanbase continues to grow.

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