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Man Dies From Brain-Eating Bacteria After Going Swimming: How To Avoid It

By Clark Sparky

It sounds terrifying, but the bacteria is avoidable.

A North Carolina man died from a brain-eating bacteria after going swimming in lake waterpark earlier this month. The technical term for the fatal amoeba is Naegleria fowleri.

The state made the announcement on Friday:

“Our sympathies are with the family and loved ones,” said State Epidemiologist Zack Moore, M.D. “People should be aware that this organism is present in warm freshwater lakes, rivers and hot springs across North Carolina, so be mindful as you swim or enjoy water sports.”

How To Avoid It

The bacteria grows in warm freshwater, so properly chlorinated pools and saltwater are not at risk.

It can only enter the body through the nose -- it is not harmful if swallowed. So officials say anyone swimming in warm freshwater should wear a nose plug. Swimmers should also avoid diving or anything else that could force water up the nose.

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