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Bernie Sanders Buried Jimmy Fallon In His Free-Throw Challenge

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By Emily Reily
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Keeps On Ticking

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Bernie Sanders may have just had a stent put in his heart and spent time in the hospital recovering, but the guy has also defeated younger opponent and "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon in an semi-impromptu game of free-throw.

The event happened during Sanders' visit to the late-night talk show. The interview started out like many others -- the traditional sit-down, give and take format, but then Fallon decided to take it to the court.


It was a brief free-throw contest, but either way, Sanders got three points, while Fallon got just two.

Later, Fallon asked him: "This time next year, will you be President of the United States?" to which Sanders answered, "why not?"

Sanders can withstand and conquer heart trouble and take a beating on the campaign trail, so being president would be like shootin' the breeze. He certainly sounds confident.

During his appearance, Sanders said he's been hitting the campaign trail hardcore for the last couple of weeks. Sanders also said that he wanted to at least clinch the Democratic nomination first before talking any further about who his potential running mate might be.

Slow-Jam This

Sanders also took part in Fallon's skit where celebrities "slow-jam" the news.

"I am Bernie Sanders, and I too, would like to slow-jam this news," he said.

Sanders slow-jammed his health-care plan and took aim at those wealthy few who don't pay enough taxes.

"I'm feeling strong and energetic, and more ready than ever to fight for the American people" he said firmly.

Sanders also drily sang a quick Lizzo lyric, saying he was "feeling good as hell."

We're All Feeling a Special Kind of Bern


Slow-jamming the news involves a guest giving viewers the news straight, and Fallon interpreting it in all kinds of sexy ways.

When Sanders talked about his "Medicare For All" plan, then said he was happy to depend on individual donations, Fallon purred:

"He’s all about taking a firm stance against corporations to give the people what they desire."

“I know you’re joking, but it actually is quite sexy,” Sanders shot back.

Fallon had an answer for that too.

“Man, just the way you said that has got me feeling the burn. And thanks to Medicare for All, I can get it checked out by my doctor.”

Everyone's Doing It


Other Democratic presidential candidates in the running have slow-jammed the news: Kamala Harris has done it, and Pete Buttigieg has also taken part in the viral sketch.

Former President Barack Obama did it to the hilt, and Bernie's performance was likewise stellar.

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