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Bella Hadid Bangs Out A Cheeseburger In Paradise, Dubbed Burger Queen

By Jeff Mazzeo

Move over Burger King because the Burger Queen is in town!

Bella Hadid shared a tasty video on Wednesday night that featured the model getting down on the grill. The 23-year-old flaunted her self-cut bangs as she danced while cooking up a double-decker. She looked like a snack in her cute, loose-fitting shirt while she prepared a whole meal. The star accessorized with some ketchup and a side of fries. Yum!

Of course, Hadid is still hanging out at her farm, surrounded by goats, horses, and Mother Nature, she did have a "Cheeseburger In Paradise," just like the Jimmy Buffett song.

Scroll down to see her cooking skills.

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Her Burger Pressing Decision


Her fans were quick to dub her the "Burger Queen" but we take umbrage with the fact that she used the spatula to press down her burger patties. Every experienced griller knows that when you press the patties down, it releases the natural juices and a lot of flavor is lost to the fire. The same rule applies to a flat top as well, except the flavor is left on the heated surface just to be scrapped off and wasted.

Regardless, Hadid's millions of fans and some of her famous friends were thoroughly impressed by her kitchen skills.

"Wow um... okkkkk," Hailey Bieber commented, and **Jesse Jo Stark said, "i’m way into this moment."



Several fans gave the star compliments on her hair.

"Oh you look lovely with bangs🤯💖‼️" one fan wrote, while another said, "Giving me Uma Thurman/Kill Bill vibes!!! ✨"

Bella was flattered, of course, especially because she cut her own bangs back in April. Hadid flaunted her toned tummy in a revealing orange top and teased her own hair.

"I cut my bangs," she wrote on social media at the time and she was looking for her next "victim."

She found one victim but questioned if her fans would trust her with the scissors. Would you let her cut your hair?

Enjoying Paradise


The young model appears to be loving spending time down on the farm and has made it a priority to get plenty of Vitamin D. Last week, she posed for some smiling selfies while basking in the sun. She wore a teeny greeny bikini and laid in the grass. Her suit's color matched the shrubbery behind the star and it perfectly contrasted with the blue sky.

"yesss bella green is DEFINITELY your color,” one sycophant wrote.

Bella has been living the slow life and has been hanging out with all her new friends... horses and goats.

Farm Girl Cosplay


Life's better down on the farm... especially if Bella's there! The busy model took time away from planting thousands of lavender plants to pose for some sultry farm house pics.

"The Farm girl next door had some time .... @diormakeup ☘️," she captioned her sultry pics.

One fan asked the most important question, "Did your shirt shrink in the dryer? 😉" Actually, it's a silly question because farm's use clotheslines to dry clothes, right? We don't leave the city that often so it remains a mystery.

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