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Ashton Kutcher Had These Jobs Before He Hit It Big

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By Emily Reily

Kutcher a Jack-Of-All-Trades

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Actor Ashton Kutcher has been famous since even before he starred on "That '70s Show," but just like everyone else, he's worked some tough jobs.

Kutcher has decided not to address the allegations made against him by Demi Moore in her new book, but is focusing on talking about non-controversial things, like past jobs.

He Used To Live On a Farm

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Before Kutcher made it to Hollywood, he lived in Iowa, and helped his family with the farm, taking care of the animals and doing whatever was needed to keep things going.

"When I was 13, my mom moved out into the country, and so I helped her out on the ranch a little bit, like helping out with the cattle," he says in an interview on "First We Feast."

Kutcher's Cut Nuts

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Kutcher revealed that he had one particularly nasty job while on the farm.

"The craziest thing was like when you have bulls that you don't want to continue to breed, they kinda cut the nuts on the bulls."

"You cut nuts?," said the host.

"So I've cut nuts before. It's very unpleasant to watch," Kutcher said.

He Learned What Hard Work Really Meant

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"I had a lot of very blue collar jobs growing up," Kutcher says.

Another early job he had was "sweeping Cheerio dust" at a cereal factory. That still sounds like kind of a sweet gig. He also washed dishes in a kitchen and even skinned deer at a butcher shop.

He says those jobs taught him "appreciation" for what's really hard work.

"When you do have a job like that that when you get home at the end of the day you collapse from physical exhaustion ... collapsing from mental exhaustion from like sitting in an office all day seems easy, and being an actor seems even easier."

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