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Ariana Grande Signs Petition Supporting Arrest Of Officers Involved In George Floyd's Death

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By Mike Walters

Ariana Grande is asking her fans to sign a petition supporting the arrest of all four police officers involved in the death of George Floyd.

The singer posted the message Wednesday, encouraging her 74 Million followers on Twitter to sign a petition asking the District Attorney to file criminal charges against the four officers on the scene of George Floyd's death.

The petition has already garnered over 1.3 Million signatures and is one of the largest petitions in 2020, and there is a new signature every five seconds. As you know, the four Minnesota police officers have been fired, but no criminal charges have yet been filed against them.

See Ariana's Message...

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Ariana Grande Asks Her 74 Million Followers To Sign Petition

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"#justiceforGeorgeFloyd -- text FLOYD to 55156 @colorofchange to put pressure on DA Mike Freeman to charge and arrest these officers call 612-348-5550," Ariana tweeted.

She also included a link to the petition asking her fans get involved ASAP.

The petition specifically calls on Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and District Attorney Mike Freeman to arrest and charge all four officers for police malpractice. Many citizens believe the officer who was kneeling on Floyd's neck should be charged with murder.

"George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer," the petition begins.

See The Petition... Petition Supports The Arrest Of Four Officers Involved In Floyd's Death

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It continues,"George was handcuffed and restrained and being completely cooperative when this all went down. The officer put his knee on George’s neck choking him for minutes on minutes while George screamed that he could not breathe. Bystanders beg for the police officer to take his knee off George’s neck, but the officer didn’t listen and continued to choke him."

Kellen S., who started the petition, says "Not that it would matter at all, but George was not even wanted for a violent crime. A grocery store that he was signing a bad check."

Protests Break Out All Over The Untied States In Support Of George Floyd


"We are trying to reach the attention of Mayor Jacob Frey and DA Mike Freeman to beg to have the officers involved in this disgusting situation fired and for charges to be filed immediately. Please help us get justice for George and his family!"

As we reported, protests have broken out all over the country, including a crowd that gathered in front of one of the officer's home. A video of the scene, shared on social media, shows a woman in the crowd yelling, "look how many. Look how many people are defending this killer’s house. Look at how many are protecting this killer’s house."

To Sign The Petition -- Click HERE!

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