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Did This Movie Actually Happen?


Sometimes a movie comes along that is so terrible that it's hard to believe that it actually exists. 2009's All About Steve is one such movie. One would think that a romcom starring Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper would be a home run, but oh boy, it wasn't.

A Critical And Commercial Failure


It was a box office failure and earned 5 Razzie nominations. Bullock won the Razzie for Best Actress, ironically the same year that she won the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in The Blind Side.

A Fun Online Conversation

Twitter user @kibblesmith posted All About Steve's poster with the caption "What is this movie about -- Your best actual guesses only." and Twitter had a heyday with their best jokes. Honestly, these guesses are better than the movie itself.

A Murder Mystery

Other people guessed that Bullock was a murderer, which is honestly not that far from the truth. If it was a horror movie instead of a romantic comedy, her stalking could have taken a darker turn.

The Truth Is Honestly Weirder Than Any Of These

All About Steve actually involves stalking, red vinyl boots, crossword puzzles, and children stuck in a mine shaft, so one Twitter user pointed out that none of these jokes were as weird as the movie itself.

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