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An Oral History

Jessica Simpson at the 2007 Met Gala
Gettyimages | Evan Agostini

In a world without the coronavirus pandemic, the Met Gala takes place on the first Monday of May. However, that wasn't the case this year thanks to COVID-19 and a world social distancing. With the Met Gala cancelled, many have been reminiscing of events past, prompting an oral history in Vogue.

One person who participated in the article was Sally Singer, the former Vogue Creative Digital Director, who shared a gossipy story about pop star Jessica Simpson and her then-boyfriend John Mayer.

A Pretty Gross Story

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer at the 2007 Met Gala
Gettyimages | James Devaney

Singer shared a story from the 2007 Met Gala, saying:

"One year, Jessica Simpson was there with John Mayer. She was wearing Michael Kors and her breasts maybe fell out of her dress on the red carpet...and then at dinner it was suddenly like, 'Whoa, Jessica Simpson’s breasts are across from me at the dinner table and they are on a platter and I’m looking at them.'"

Singer continued, claiming that Mayer was openly groping Simpson at the table.

"And John Mayer was putting his hands on them at the dinner table. He kind of reached down and I just remember thinking, 'Oh, celebrities, feel free to play here.' That’s what’s going on."

Simpson Responds

Jessica Simpson on her 2020 book tour
Gettyimages | Raymond Hall

Simpson apparently read the oral history and saw Singer's story and decided to defend herself from the body shaming on social media. Simpson posted an infamous photo of Sophie Loren appearing to give Jayne Mansfield's chest the side eye with a clap back:

"Feeling a little like Jayne Mansfield after reading this (inaccurate!) oral history of the #MetBall where I am body shamed by #SallySinger"

"But in all seriousness I have persevered through shaming my own body and internalizing the world’s opinions about it for my entire adult life. To read this article about the classiest fashion event there is and to be shamed by another woman for having boobs in 2020 is nauseating."

Simpson's words were met with tons of support from friends and fans.

Not The First Time She's Been Bodyshamed

Jessica Simpson performing in Texas in 2009
Gettyimages | Logan Fazio

This is hardly the first time that Simpson has been body shamed, so she is unfortunately used to it by now. While promoting her memoir Open Book, Simpson talked in interviews about how some viral photos of her performing in 2009 led to a tidal wave of abuse, with people calling her "Jumbo Jessica" and claiming that she had "let herself go."

She told Today:

"This picture that circulated and went worldwide broke my heart. Well, not the picture necessarily, but the caption. Like, all the captions. It went viral. I was so confused."

She further elaborated in Glamour, explaining that the incident shook her confidence in her stage presence.

"I felt good up there. I felt confident. And then it ruined the stage for me. And the stage was my home. It broke my home.

I'd already had broken moments within a home where I had to walk out of a marriage. But my stage has been like my home since I was, like, a child. That's where I could be honestly alone with myself."

This kind of behavior is unfortunately par for the course for Simpson at this point, but it seems like she's just taking it in stride now.

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