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1. She Broke The App

Where were you when Jennifer Aniston broke Instagram? When the Friends actress joined the social media platform, she smashed the Guinness World Record for fastest person to reach a million followers (5 hours and 16 minutes) and managed to cause the app to glitch out in the process.

She's quickly gotten the hang of Instagram (or rather, her teams has), posting iconic selfies and participating in #tbt right out of the gate.

2. She's Been Lurking For A While

However, while this may be her first official foray into social media, Aniston admitted to Jimmy Kimmel while visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she previously had a secret account.

"It was a stalker account, yes. “When I was thinking about doing this I sort of figured it was time to kind of understand the world and dip my toe into the sort of social media pool."

3. Dipping Her Toe Into Social Media

Aniston may have a "finsta" like the kids do these days, but she doesn't seem to fully grasp the like system.

"You know what else is frustrating? When you get an alert, a text, like ‘Oh I’ve got a text,’ and you’re like, ‘Oh there’s nothing here,’ and then you realize that someone has just put like a little heart or exclamation point or a thumbs up or thumbs down on somebody’s something and you’re like, ‘You really couldn’t just write like a heart?'"

"I had to search through, and then you have to figure out who left that heart or thumbs up [or] thumbs down,” she said. “It takes way more time than just actually writing a comment to what the person last just said."

Honestly, navigating as many likes and comments as Aniston has already gotten seems like a nightmare. What's the point of having adoring fans if they make your online life one long annoyance?

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