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'90 Day Fiancé' Star Ashley Smith Spills Secrets Of Filming After Revealing She’s Done With Reality TV

By Ryan Naumann

“90 Day Fiancé” star Ashley Smith continues spilling the tea on filming the reality show after announcing she will never be returning.

Ashley is currently on vacation with her husband Jay Smith in Florida. During the trip, she has been talking to fans on Instagram live and getting honest about her time filming “90 Day Fiancé.”

Recently, Ashley told her followers, “I wish everyday I could do a tell all on reality tv. I think most of the poulation with half a brain gets it but theres a large amount who definitely don’t. unfortunately, I am a dumbass who signed a confidentiality contract for life and I got too much to lose. So I’m gonna go ahead and shut up now and drunk some water and mind my business. Carry on.”

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She didn’t stop sharing secrets and admitting drinking while filming the confessionals. One asked why they don’t come back for the spin-off “Happily Ever After?” to which she replied, “No, thank you! Not interested in that life anymore.”

When asked if they planned to have kids, Ashley simply said, “no.” When asked if she would be interested in doing a spin-off of any kind with Jay, she said, “It’s just something we aren’t interested in at the moment,. I trey my best to let everyone know how we are doing on Instagram.”


Later, a follower asked Ashley “Was it hard to watch yourself on tv?” She replied, “I watched every episode only one time. I wouldn’t have watched at all but I had to see how TLC screwed me over on edits…it’s amazing what a little editing can do.”

As The Blast previously, Ashley and Jay reconciled right before the crisis went down. The two have had quite the rocky relationship over the years.

The reality star announced she is returning to college to pursue her dreams. One fan asked what she planned to major in and Ashley said, “I’m gonna let y’all k now when I’m done. I don’t care to be harassed while I’m trying to focus on my studies. Yes, this is no joke, People still try and harass me after not being on the show for almost a year…smh some of y’all really do need to get a life.”

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