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Kathy Griffin Breaks Silence One Week After Her Vocal Cord Surgery

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By Afouda Bamidele on June 19, 2024 at 7:45 AM EDT
Updated on June 19, 2024 at 7:47 AM EDT

Kathy Griffin is back in the spotlight and finding her voice again!

The comedian underwent vocal cord surgery last week, and after a period of silence, she is offering fans an update on her recovery. Despite the temporary loss of her iconic voice, the star's resilience and humor remained unshaken.

Kathy Griffin, who has been documenting her journey since the June 12 surgery, assured fans she would return to belting out jokes in no time.

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Kathy Griffin Debuts Post-Surgery Voice In Emotional TikTok Update

Kathy Griffin attends screening of ''Kathy Griffin: A Hell Of A Story'

Taking to TikTok, the 63-year-old showcased her initial vocal progress in a heartfelt video.

The clip featured Griffin's post-op examination, where a camera was used to inspect her vocal cords. She was given the green light to speak for the first time since her operation.

Her doctor encouraged her, stating, "When you're ready, give it to me." Griffin responded with a sound, prompting the doctor to exclaim, "Beautiful!" before asking the TV personality, "Anything you want to say?"

Without hesitation, she said, "Hello, how are you doing? This is as loud as I can speak right now, but I'm grateful to have this much voice." After the doctor requested she speak louder, Griffin exclaimed:

"Hello, everybody! I have this much voice now. I'm getting better." 

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The doctor then reassured her, saying, "Still a little raspy, but that will get better with time," before walking her through the checkup. 

Griffin's doctor also pointed out that her healing was progressing well but mentioned that there would be "ups and downs." However, this did nothing to stop the actress's joy, which was palpable as she saw the improvement. In total Griffin style, she humorously remarked:

"That is like porn for me. To see that working after it wasn't working for years, and now it's finally like working."

The video then concluded with a side-by-side comparison of her vocal cords from two years ago and now, underscoring the significant improvement.

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Kathy Griffin's Post-Surgery Update Sparked Wave Of Support From Fans

Known for her naturally talkative nature, Griffin acknowledged her struggle to keep silent in the caption of the clip that read:

"It's been 1 week since my surgery and to say the least, I'm very happy. I'm following all of the doctor's orders and staying quiet (even tho I'm a chatty Kathy). Now it's time to recover for my fall shows [heart emoji]."

The comedian's fans quickly flooded the comments with messages of support and joy at her progress. "This is great! Wishing you the best in your healing process," one fan expressed, with a second adding, "Continuing to send healing energy."

"Looking really, really good, Kathy!!!" one comment read, while another ardent supporter exclaimed, "It's so wonderful to hear your voice again!!!"

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"Wow, that is a huge difference! To a healthy recovery!" remarked another follower. While some encouraged her to "hang in there," others praised her spirit. One netizen described Griffin as "a freaking inspiration."

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The Comedian Previously Updated Her Fans

Griffin's journey to reclaim her voice has been long and arduous. Her latest update marks a significant milestone, coming a year after undergoing surgery on her left vocal cord due to her battle with lung cancer.

The Blast reported that in a candid update on Instagram, Griffin shared a close-up image of her throat, showing the scarring from the surgery.

The post-op scar, covered by gauze, revealed the surrounding area was red and swollen. The producer disclosed in the caption:

"Vocal cord surgery went well. As you can see some scarring and swelling. It will be worth it if I get some of my voice back."

Griffin's Instagram Update Also Received Support

Kathy Griffin at the "Paula Abdul: Forever Your Girl" Official Opening - Las Vegas

Griffin's resilience in the face of her health challenges inspired many, judging by the flood of positive messages under her post. 

The "Suddenly Susan" actress' heartfelt message drew an array of encouraging comments, with fellow stars like Sharon Stone, who wrote, "Glad you are good toots."

Similarly, Australian comedian Julia Morris sent her love with a message, "Speedy recovery lovelyjx."

There were also numerous messages from concerned fans. One suggested, "Shouldn't we bedazzle that? It's PRIDE," while another urged, "I hope you heal well and quickly. Just zip it!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear you again!!"

Another supporter added a playful reminder, "Be a good girl, Kathy, and don't talk for those 2 weeks! I know it'll be tempting, but you gotta be good! We love you!!!"

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Kathy Griffin Addressed Her Divorce With Humour 

Randy Bick and Kathy Griffin seen holding hands

While grappling with the aftermath of her vocal cord surgery last year, Griffin also confronted the unexpected end of her marriage to Randy Bick. 

The couple, who tied the knot just hours into the New Year in 2020, would have celebrated their fourth anniversary this January. The Blast noted that Griffin appeared to handle the split with her characteristic humor and resilience. 

She reacted to the news of their divorce on social media, posting on X (formerly known as Twitter), "Well…sh-t. This sucks."

Fans quickly sympathized with the TV presenter. One wrote, "So sorry, sweetie! You know you will hurt, survive - and then thrive. You have been an inspiration to many! Wishing you the best."

A second supporter noted, "I'm so sorry Kathy. You guys have been through a lot together. I know your friends will be there for you and that it is as amicable as a parting can be."

Amidst messages empathizing with the star, this long-time follower shared a lengthy message that read:

"I don't know you but have been following your career since the 90s, and consider myself a fan. I am sorry to hear about your divorce. I hope it was nothing shady like with the previous husband. Good luck, I know this must be hard to go through in the midst of a big tour."

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