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Kathy Griffin Shows Off 'Scarring and Swelling' From Her Vocal Cord Surgery

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By Afouda Bamidele on June 13, 2024 at 7:00 AM EDT
Updated on June 13, 2024 at 7:02 AM EDT

Kathy Griffin is on the road to recovery after a successful vocal cord surgery.

The comedian recently updated fans about her well-being on Instagram, revealing that it will take time to regain her voice. This update comes a year after she underwent surgery on her left vocal cord.

Kathy Griffin's journey to regain her voice began during her battle with lung cancer.

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Kathy Griffin Says She Hopes To Get Her Voice Back

Kathy Griffin attends screening of ''Kathy Griffin: A Hell Of A Story'

In her health update, Griffin shared a close-up picture of her throat, which housed the scarring from her recent surgery.

The post-op scar was covered by gauze, with the surrounding area appearing red and swollen. Griffin addressed her condition in the post's caption, writing:

"Vocal cord surgery went well. As you can see some scarring and swelling. It will be worth it if I get some of my voice back."

Her words sparked an outpour of encouraging messages from fellow celebrities, who prayed for the comedian's swift recovery. Media personality Sharon Stone penned: "Glad you are good toots."

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Seduction alum Michelle Visage echoed: "You got this," while fellow comedian Steven Weber playfully chimed in: "DIBS ON THE BANDAGE." Another famous comedian from Australia, Julia Morris, added: "Speedy recovery lovelyjx."

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Fans Pen Their Well Wishes For Griffin

The comment section received hundreds of messages from concerned fans, many trying to cheer Griffin up. "Shouldn't we bedazzle that? It's PRIDE," someone declared, with another adding:

I hope you heal well and quickly. Just zip it!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear you again!!"

"Be a good girl, Kathy, and don't talk for those 2 weeks! I know it'll be tempting, but you gotta be good! We love you!!!" A third supporter penned, while a fourth IG user wrote, "I'm so happy it went well, Kathy. Now rest up."

"Happy it went well. It's gonna be a tough few weeks, but you can do anything," a fan encouraged Griffin, with another concerned person adding:

"Best of luck, Kathy. I, for one, think you already sound great and have come such a long way! Don't say a word for the next 2 weeks."

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In the previous post before her surgery update, Griffin announced that she would be unable to talk for two weeks. She had to stay quiet per her doctor's orders while healing from the vocal cord procedure.

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Griffin Had A Vocal Cord Surgery In 2023

Last June, The Blast reported that Griffin underwent a procedure on her left vocal cord and dropped the behind-the-scenes video on her TikTok page.

The clip began with a flair, showing the 63-year-old at a restaurant in an impressive red coat while giving the camera an intense stare.

The words "Trigger Warning: medical/graphic" and "You're about to see some sh*t…" flashed across the screen, before transitioning to Griffin's "pre-op appointment." There, she underwent tests and gave fans a view of her throat's insides.

"Yes, I know my vocal cords look like a mini vagina. Deal with it," Griffin joked before the clip switched to the post-op scene. 

The comedian was on a hospital bed with the word "YES," showing the surgery had been successful. Griffin also announced her return to the stage in a hoarse voice, saying:

"Hi, you guys. So I just had my latest surgery on my left vocal cord because I want to be in good shape for my big Vegas show on June 17, and this is just part of my recovery post-lung cancer surgery. I'm cancer free."

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The Comedian's Estranged Husband Demanded Over $40K Amid Their Divorce

Randy Bick and Kathy Griffin seen walking and holding hands

According to court documents obtained by The Blast in May, Griffin's estranged husband, Randy Bick, dragged her to court over multiple demands.

He claimed the 63-year-old asked him to exit their matrimonial home on December 22, 2023, so they could "spend time apart over the Christmas holiday weekend."

Bick claimed he only packed a duffle bag with few items, but when he told Griffin he would be returning home, she threatened to "call the cops" on him.

After this alleged encounter, he noted the comedian filed for divorce, forcing him to request the Court's help in retrieving his belongings.

Bick asked for permission to retrieve his belongings over the course of three dates of his choice and for Griffin to reimburse him at least $21,000 toward his emergency expenses as a result of [her] removing him from the home."

His demands did not end there, as Bick also requested that Griffin pay at least $22,337 for his attorney fees and name him as a dependent to her "SAGAFTRA healthcare insurance COBRA policy at her own expense."

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Kathy Griffin Doesn't Want To Pay Spousal Support

In her divorce filing, Griffin cited Hollywood's favorite reason for divorce, "irreconcilable differences" and listed the date of her separation from Bick as December 22, 2023. As for her demands, she asked the Court to terminate its ability to award the pair spousal support.

Griffin stressed that they had a prenuptial agreement signed on December 23, 2019, and requested its enforcement in the divorce proceedings. Following the public revelation of her separation, she reacted to the news with the words, "Well...sh-t. This sucks."

An insider in Griffin's circle shed more light on her decision to divorce Bick, revealing she was still in love with her estranged husband but ready to embrace her old self.

"Kathy hates that it has ended this way, but she needed to be Kathy again, and this was the only way she was going to get there," the source claimed.

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