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Keith And Ronni Lee Give Back By 'Sharing Love Through Food'

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By Melanie VanDerveer on April 16, 2024 at 6:00 PM EDT

Keith Lee is known for giving back any chance he gets.

The popular TikTok food creator along with his wife Ronni, are teaming up with Pizza Hut to help support local communities with the FamiLee Community Pizza.

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Keith And Ronni Lee Are Joining Forces With Pizza Hut!

Keith Lee
Pizza Hut

It's all about supporting the community and giving back for the Lee family.

The viral TikTok content creators have teamed up with Pizza Hut to unveil the FamiLEE Community Pizza. The partnership will help out two underserved public schools with a donation of $50,000.

"I am blessed to team up with Pizza Hut for the FamiLEE Community Pizza and I'm excited to support causes that hit close to home," Keith said.

"This partnership is all about sharing love through food, bringing communities together, and doing what we truly feel is supposed to be done within our space. Pizza Hut has been there during big moments in life with my family, and I’m grateful to be a part of this journey together and I can only be thankful in advance that this pizza will encourage others to do the same."

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The FamiLEE Community Pizza Is Part Of The $12ANY Campaign

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

The FamiLEE Community Pizza is currently part of Pizza Hut's $12ANY promotion. Keith crafted the special pizza which features his family's favorite toppings, pepperoni and bacon, on a hand-tossed crust.

Since not everyone's tastes are the same, the brand is offering the $12ANY promotion alongside the FamiLee pizza so everyone can customize their toppings and crust at an affordable price.

Through this partnership, Pizza Hut and the Lee family will be donating $50,000 to Southfield ANT and Oak Hills High School, where Keith and Ronni attended high school.

"Keith Lee is a creator who has really been shaping the food industry and one I have been an avid follower of for a long time," said Lindsay Morgan, CMO at Pizza Hut.

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"His TikTok reviews are authentic and he celebrates community and family. We felt his personal brand was a perfect fit for Pizza Hut, so together we created the FamiLEE Community Pizza so guests can try Keith's recipe and be a part of giving back to his community."

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Keith Lee Recently Teamed Up With Cardi B For Two Videos

Cardi B and Keith Lee
TikTok | Keith Lee

A few months ago, rapper Cardi B came to Keith's defense publicly after some insanity ensued during his Atlanta food tour stop. The two recently met and teamed up to share two food reviews.

In their first TikTok video together, the two new friends reviewed Easy Street Burger in Los Angeles, California.

"So you guys know how I feel about L.A. food, it's not my favorite, but I got a good recommendation about this place. It's called Easy Street Burgers," she said in the video. "I'm from New York, so burgers are like one of my main things. So I got it, let's try it and rate it."

Then Keith appeared in the frame so they could do the review together. The duo tried two different burgers and rated them. The video quickly went viral with more than 7.8 million viewers and 10,000 comments.

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A second review video had the two making and trying out Buldak Carbonara noodles. That video also went viral quickly.

Keith Lee Recently Announced A Redemption Tour

A few weeks ago, Keith announced that his food tour was about to take a different approach. After visiting 10 states on the food tour in 2023, Keith decided to revisit them with a "new and improved system."

"We decided as a family, we're gonna do a redemption tour," he said in his video. "Last year, we went to about 10 states on a family food tour. This year, we went to about three so far. And we discussed as a family that it's only right to do a redemption tour because the states we did this year were different rules, different categories and different structures."

To make this tour fair, Keith said they would "start at the bottom of the list" with Atlanta first.

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"This is a redemption tour. It's separate from the food tour, meaning, we're not doing a revisit. Meaning, we're not going to the same spots that we went to last time," he explained. "This is a completely fresh slate. Clean slate."

Keith also shared a warning ahead of his first stop on the tour. He announced that his family will be protected this time around and will have "people with us that are legal and licensed."

"We don't wanna have to use them, but we will," he reiterated. "My family is getting home safe, and I mean that with every bone in my body."

Keith Lee Recently Shared An Update About The Atlanta Stop

Two weeks ago, Keith shared an update on his plan to start in Atlanta.

"There's been a change of plans," he said. "The next stop on the food tour is not Atlanta. Unfortunately, due to business reasons, it's been pushed back."

The next stop on the family food tour was their first international stop - Toronto, Canada. A few days later, Keith shared his first Toronto food review.

The food critic shared eight review videos from his time in Toronto, with all of them quickly going viral.

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