'Sister Wives' Janelle Brown Reminisces About Late Son Being A 'Cat Dad'

'Sister Wives' Janelle Brown's Late Son Honored By Flagstaff Animal Shelter

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 14, 2024 at 9:30 AM EDT

An animal shelter is honoring Janelle Brown's late son, Garrison Brown, in a sweet way.

In the days since Janelle and her ex-husband Kody announced their fourth child's death, many fans have shown up for them by donating to animal shelters.

In line with that, one of the affected shelters, located in Garrison's hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona, shared their plans to host a "Cat Adoption Room" as part of their tribute to the 25-year-old.

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The High Country Humane Declared Gratitude For Unexpected Contributions

It is no longer news that Garrison was a huge animal lover and an even bigger cat rescuer until his passing earlier this month. Thus, it made sense to his fans to make donations to multiple animal shelters, including the High Country Humane.

Thanks to their generosity, the organization has received almost $13k in donations, which will help them feed "over 150 homeless animals." 

Taking to social media to break the news, the animal rescue facility uploaded multiple images showing different cats and the flier for their upcoming adoption room.

"Today, we remember and celebrate the life of Garrison, a friend and an extraordinary cat lover, whose kindness touched the lives of all who knew him, both two and four-legged," High Country Humane began in their lengthy Instagram caption.

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After noting how "heartwarming" it was to "see the donations in his name that continue to pour in," the shelter shared their appreciation "to those who have donated."

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The Cat Dad 'Showed Us The Purest Of Love'

Next, they disclosed another update declaring that they planned to sponsor "all cat adoptions for the rest of the month of March, and naming our Cat Adoption Room in honor or Garrison and his 3 cats, Catthew, Patches, and Ms. Buttons."

They then asserted that their "5 Year Anniversary & Founders Celebration" will see them "presenting the plaque and room naming" on Saturday, March 23 in the High Country Humane lobby.

"Garrison's legacy is one of compassion, laughter, and unconditional love. His spirit lives on in every meow, in every cozy lap nap, and in the purring contentment of the cats he adored. Garrison showed us the purest form of love, teaching us that every cat deserves a chance at a loving home," the animal shelter further added. 

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They concluded by acknowledging that while Garrison may have departed this world, he will always hold a cherished place in their hearts, remembered for his kindness, his laughter, and his affection for all cats.

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Fans Are Blown Away By Garrison's Posthumous Influence

Almost 24 hours after High Country Humane's post went live, it has received more than 10k and nearly 200 comments from Garrison's awed fans.

"Garrison leaving footprints of love and kindness," one social media user wrote alongside a red heart emoji, as another effused, "I've watched Garrison grow for the past 14 years. I feel like I know him. What an incredibly kind and caring soul. So happy to see his legacy carrying on in such a positive way. I think he'd be proud!"

A third person detailed, "It's so amazing to see how many lives Garrison touched. I watched him grow up, like so many others. A wonderful son, brother, uncle." 

Similarly, this online citizen exclaimed, This is the sweetest!! Garrison, you touched so many lives! You will be truly missed!," and yet another commented, "This is so beautiful. His legacy lives on. The definition of never forgotten!"

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The Kind Acts From Fans Brought Janelle Brown 'To Tears' Again

Although genuine, the outpour of love and support was not one that Janelle expected.

In fact, when the "Sister Wives" star heard about the donations made to the High Country Humane and another shelter, Ark Cat Sanctuary, she was beyond thrilled. In a recent post shared via Instagram, Janelle stated:

"have been brought to tears again. I'm being told about everyone's donations to @highcountryhumane @arkcatsancutary in Garrison's name. Thank you for all your generosity. It means so much. The cats he adopted from both agencies were so important to him. He loved being a cat dad."

Above the heartfelt message were two photos — while the first featured Garrison's three cats, the second showcased him and one of them in a mirror selfie.  

Authorities Suspect No Foul Play In Janelle Brown's Son's Death

Janelle's son tragically passed away on Tuesday, March 5, in Flagstaff, Arizona, where he resided independently after moving away from the family home. Officers were dispatched to Garrison's residence in the morning of that day in response to reports of a death. 

Garrison was pronounced deceased from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound upon arrival. Authorities have revealed that Garrison's brother, Gabriel, was the one who discovered his lifeless body. 

At the time of The Blast's initial report, no foul play is suspected, and it remains unclear whether a suicide note was left behind. However, an investigation has been initiated to uncover the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident.

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