'Sister Wives' Star Janelle Brown Breaks Silence On Son Garrison's Death

'Sister Wives' Janelle Brown's Son Laid To Rest In Private Family Ceremony

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 12, 2024 at 10:30 AM EDT

Janelle Brown and her family have said their final farewells to Garrison Brown just four days after his heartbreaking death.

The late son of "Sister Wives" stars Janelle and Kody Brown was quietly buried over the weekend in a private memorial service. His cousin, Emma Brown, confirmed the funeral took place on Saturday with a poignant message.

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Janelle Brown's Son Receives Touching Farewell Message From His Cousin

Garrison was just 25 when he died of an apparent suicide on March 5, leaving behind a significant hole in the Brown family. Following his death, several members of the reality TV clan have expressed their grief on social media, with his cousin being the latest.

Emma updated her Instagram page on Saturday with several throwback pictures of Garrison. This slideshow featured snaps of him hiking, enjoying a face mask with his cousin, and a cute image of his younger self.

The grieving relative captioned the post with a heartfelt letter filled with her thoughts after his funeral service. "Dear Robert, I had to dress up for your funeral today, and this is everything i wish you could've heard before i had to say goodbye," she began, adding:

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"We love you. I don't even own a picture of you without your contagious smile. I don't know if I have the right words to say I'll miss you. I wish I was able to give you a hug and tell you how much you were loved."

She continued writing, "You were human, you had flaws, but never once did I doubt the friendship we had. I'll always cherish the times I got to spend with you. We planned to go on so many backpacking trips but only made it to one."

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Garrison Brown Will Be Dearly Missed

In her message to Garrison, Emma highlighted some of their treasured moments, writing, "I'll miss your goofy dad jokes, our coffee runs, the dinners we shared. The times we watched movies, and you always let me put messy face masks all over our faces."

She stressed that Garrison always looked out for her needs, ensuring she had eaten and was ready to listen to all her problems or stories. The grieving cousin concluded her message:

"You were a son, a brother, a soldier, and a friend. If there is a God, I hope he's giving you peace. I love you, Robert."

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Emma's farewell message touched the hearts of her followers, who shared their condolences. One commenter penned, "My heart hurts for the Brown family and friends. Garrison was precious and loved by us, millions of viewers. We hurt too. Just know you all are loved."[sic]

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Garrison Dropped An Ominous Text Message Before His Death

Garrison reportedly sent an alarming text message that had his mother scrambling to find someone to check on him. According to a police report, authorities found out through Janelle that her son had shown concerning behavior a day before his death.

The "Sister Wives" star told cops Garrison had texted a group of people the Brown family works with, presumably those linked to their reality TV show. He sent the ominous words:

"I want to hate you for sharing the good times. But I can't. I miss these days."

It appears Garrison did not include his mother in the group; however, she caught wind of his concerning message and immediately contacted him.

In her conversation with authorities, Janelle noted they briefly chatted for a few minutes before he stopped responding to her texts.

Janelle's Fifth Child Found Garrison's Body

Following Garrison's unresponsiveness, Janelle scrambled to find someone to check on him, and her fifth child, Gabriel, offered to do the wellness check. However, it was too late when he arrived at his brother's apartment in Flagstaff.

Shockingly, Garrison's three roommates were unaware of his death until Gabriel arrived and found his lifeless body with a handgun.

In their interview with authorities, some of them claimed they heard a pop sound on Monday night, but they didn't believe it was a gunshot.

To make matters worse, Garrison's roommates didn't think to check on him or find out what caused the pop sound.

As for what could have caused the Brown member to end his life, the trio noted he struggled with alcohol.

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