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Top Dentist Raises Critical Issue With Kanye West's 'Permanent Titanium Teeth'

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By Favour Adegoke on January 22, 2024 at 1:00 PM EST

Kanye West's new titanium teeth, rumored to cost a staggering $850,000, have come under scrutiny from a leading dental expert who raised significant problems with the rapper's dental makeover.

Australian dentist Dr. Sam Koh raised concerns about the rapper's ability to clean his new mouth guard, noting that he may be at risk of a potential infection. He also stated that West's teeth could alter the way he talks and sings because of how bulky they are.

The dentist also doesn't believe the Yeezy founder's teeth cost the claimed $850k, putting it around AUD 100,000 if it was done in Australia.

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Top Dentist Outlines Issues With Kanye West's Titanium Teeth

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According to a report, the renowned dentist raised concerns about the potential drawbacks of the "Donda" rapper's new titanium teeth. Dr. Koh, who is a principal dentist at Dental Boutique, noted that the main issue stems from West's inability to clean it properly, which may cause serious issues or infections.

Dr. Koh explained, "Although it has been reported that the dentist has given him custom equipment to help clean his teeth, such a bulky one-piece appliance is going to be hard to clean."

He continued, "Microscopically, there will be a lot of food, bacteria, and debris getting underneath the titanium, which can then cause a lot of bad breath, sensitivity, tooth decay, and gum issues such as disease and infection if the titanium is there long term."

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Kanye West's Titanium Teeth May Affect His Craft

Kanye West Caught Wearing Shirt Featuring A Neo-Nazi After Apologizing To Jews
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The dentist went on to share his fears that West's titanium teeth may affect his ability to sing because they are bulky and can alter his facial structure.

Noting that the "Jesus is King" rapper probably shaved his teeth and glued his titanium teeth to it rather than removing it completely, Dr. Koh warned that the glue may weaken over time as the teeth move, causing what he referred to as "microgaps."

"This would then result in either the bridge coming loose over time, or much worse, dental decay, infection, and disease with the bacteria able to then get inside the teeth," he said.

Dr. Koh added that the teeth appeared "bulky" and may "change his facial appearance and soft tissue structure," which could affect the way he "talks, sings and raps."

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Dr. Koh Doesn't Believe The Rapper's Dental Makeover Costs '$850K'

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West's titanium teeth, which were fitted by Dr Thomas Connelly alongside Naoki Hayashiof in Beverly Hills, reportedly set him back a staggering $850,000. However, Dr. Koh claimed that they are unlikely to cost that much.

"Practically and clinically, the titanium labor from both the dentist and the lab making the 'teeth' wouldn't cost anywhere near this much," he said.

"It's really hard to estimate something unique like this, but if someone were to do something like this in Australia, it would only perhaps cost maybe at most, AUD 100k or less!'' Dr. Koh added.

According to a rep for West who reached out to The Blast, the rapper's new dental upgrades are actually "permanent titanium teeth and not dentures."

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Kanye West Is Been Sued For Allegedly Assaulting An Autograph Seeker

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Away from his dental makeover, West finds himself embroiled in legal trouble as he was sued for assault and battery by an autograph seeker who claims to have been punched by the rapper during an encounter in 2022, as reported by The Blast.

The man alleged in court documents that the incident, which occurred outside a members-only club in Los Angeles, saw West yell "I'm going to make a f------ example of you" at him, then bringing up his split from Kim Kardashian before striking him.

He claimed he asked the rapper to apologize, but West disagreed, instead replying, "Apology for what?" before going on to hit him more, "severely injuring him."

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A person with West allegedly asked him to stop hitting the man, but instead, the rapper also lashed out at them and instructed them to "go to the f------ house and get my f------ kids."

The autograph seeker claims he has suffered emotional distress since then and sued West for damages. His wife is also suing West for loss of consortium.

According to the Daily Mail, West was investigated for the battery at the time, but didn't no charges were filed at the time. He later admitted to having punched the autograph seeker in an interview with Jason Lee of "Hollywood Unlocked."

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