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Kanye West Replaces His Teeth With $850,000 'Permanent Titanium Teeth'

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By Favour Adegoke on January 17, 2024 at 5:49 PM EST
Updated on January 20, 2024 at 10:33 PM EST

When it comes to Yeezy founder Kanye West, there is no predicting what crazy move he might make next.

The rapper has again come into the spotlight for replacing his teeth with "permanent titanium teeth," which are said to be more expensive than diamonds.

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Kanye West Shows Off New Titanium Teeth On Social Media

Kanye West arrives home in Manhattan, NYC

West recently had a dental makeover, replacing his regular teeth with titanium teeth.

The rapper revealed the surprising transformation on Instagram to his 18.7 million followers by sharing a close-up headshot of him grinning widely. Alongside the snap, he included a Google search image of the iconic James Bond villain, Jaws, who sported a similar look, seemingly implying that this was his source of inspiration.

As to where the rapper went for the process, reports revealed that it was done by  Dr. Thomas Connelly in Beverly Hills with the help of a master dental technician, Naoki Hayashi.

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Per the Daily Mail, Connelly said about the procedure, "Ye was a pleasure to work with every step of the process. His vision for designing unique art transcends the dental progression. The marriage of his vision with dental science has created a new look that is epic!"

According to a rep for West who reached out to The Blast, the rapper's latest dental changes aren't dentures but "permanent titanium teeth."

The new set of teeth is rumored to be "more expensive than diamonds," with a reported cost of $850,000. It is also said to be unique to the Donda rapper, which is not surprising given West's taste for the eccentric.

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Kanye West Recently Filed To Trademark A Series Of Weird Items

Kanye West is seen in Milan for fashion week

West also recently made a bizarre move by filing paperwork to trademark a variety of things that ranged from normal to downright weird.

The listed items in his application include a "life-size inflatable dummy with water-filled base," "floating recreational lounge chairs," and "squeezable squeaking toys." He also filed to trademark intangible things, such as "home design services," "design of signage," and "exploration services in the fields of oil, gas, and mining."

More strangely, the rapper applied for nine separate trademarks for the phrase "I miss you when I wake up before you." He first used this phrase as part of his Instagram tribute to his wife, Bianca Censori, when she celebrated her 29th birthday on January 6.

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While the rationale behind West's decision to trademark the phrase is unclear, he is required to show how he intends to use the trademark with his products and services in his application. The application has been accepted for consideration but has yet to be given an examiner.

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The Rapper Allegedly Plans To Build 100,000 Acre City In The Middle East

//MEGA_  scaled

West's eccentricity also extends into the real estate world, where he currently has numerous properties, many of which were recently reported to have undergone a noticeable decline.

Some of the properties mentioned include the proposed estate for the Donda Academy, his "affordable housing" $14 million Wyoming ranch, and his  $3 million sprawling ranch in Casablanca.

The rapper was also said to have plans to build a self-sustaining city halfway across the world. The proposed piece of real estate has been titled DROAM, as claimed in a post by an X account under the name @unreleased_ye. The project's goal is to create a 100,000-acre site in the Middle East, although the account did not confirm the exact location.

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It further claimed that the development is currently in Phase 1, and West is actively recruiting project managers, engineers, architects, contractors, and builders to participate in birthing his ambitious project.

At the time the information came to light, there was a mixed reaction about the project. Some social media users claimed that it would tragically meet the same fate as the rapper's abandoned projects, while others threw their support behind him.

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