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Jennifer Lopez In Glitter Bikini Shows Her Sandy 'Beach Bum'

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By Evie Scott on November 26, 2023 at 9:00 AM EST

Jennifer Lopez gained instant fan approval as she showed off her sandy "beach bum" in a glitter bikini back in 2021. The singer and actress put on a peachy display as she hit the beach two years ago, modeling a skimpy sparkly swimsuit and definitely showcasing her famous rear.

Getting cheeky with the camera, the "Dinero" hitmaker sizzled as she showed off her gym-honed figure on IG, also checking boxes for a stylish bathing suit look. All covered in sand as she let loose near the ocean, JLo tugged up her bikini bottoms as she knocked the camera dead. The glam lover also injected major designer action into her outfit as she rocked a monogrammed bucket hat from the luxury brand Dior. Fans have left the American Idol judge with over 4.8 million likes.

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Bikini Bombshell Hits The Beach

Proving she's got leverage on the 20-somethings, JLo defied her years as she posed back to the camera and turned her head around to face the lens.

Backed by blue skies and fluffy white clouds, Lopez sizzled in a tiny purple bikini covered in glitter, going cupped at the chest and opting for high-cut bottoms. Highlighting her super-toned thighs and her curvy behind, the singer also showcased her slender back and trim waistline, plus those famous strong arms.

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Adding in statement shades as she gazed down the lens, JLo completed her look with gold earrings and a purple-and-white hat from Dior. The stunner kept her face in the shade thanks to her headwear, although fans did see her plump pout as she sported a matte lip stain. Of course, the "beach bum" caption tied into Jennifer's backside was covered in golden sand.

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Jaw-Dropping In String Bikini

JLo's bikini snaps always go viral the moment they're posted. In 2020, the star stripped down to a white string bikini for a makeup-free selfie, going for a fierce pose but a self-care vibe. Snapping a photo in front of a mirror, Lopez showed off her washboard abs, telling fans that she was "relaxed and recharged."

JLo is known for loving her bubble baths and candle time. "Self-love is really about boundaries. Learning what you’re comfortable with and putting up the boundaries, not being afraid of the consequences. Knowing that in taking care of yourself, everything will turn out okay, that people will treat you the way you want to be treated and your life will feel good to you," she told Shape.

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Hotter Than Ever At 54

JLo works out daily and eats right. The Hustlers actress has even built her JLo Beauty brand on her age-defying good looks, although some do suspect that she might have had a little work done on her youthful face.

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