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Donna D'Errico Reposts Bikini Stroll Amid Instagram Shadow Ban

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By Kristin Myers on October 29, 2023 at 6:00 PM EDT

Actress Donna D'Errico is not going to be bullied off Instagram.

The "Baywatch" star has made it no secret that Instagram has cracked down on all of her Instagram posts, even ones that feature her fully dressed. It looks like she is the target of a particular group who doesn't want to see her steamy snaps, but fortunately for her two million followers, Donna will not be bullied off Instagram!

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'Baywatch' Star Donna D'Errico Reposts Bikini Stroll Amid Cyber Bullying

On Sunday afternoon, the “Baywatch” star took to Instagram to share a video of her taking a stroll through the garden in a blue drawstring bikini. Fans might recognize this video, as she posted it only a few weeks ago. However, Donna explained why she had to take it down – and why she’s sharing it again – in the caption.

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“There’s a group of women haters who routinely report all of my posts because it makes them feel better about themselves to see a thriving, confident woman get shadow banned and have to keep taking down all of her posts. Here is one of the many they organized their efforts to report,” she explained. “I had to remove it, and many others, to get my shadow ban lifted. So I’m putting it right back up. Using technology to bully is still, in fact, bullying. And Donna doesn’t get bullied.”

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“In all seriousness: How do you criticize Donna? She’s amazing and radiates positivity in a profound way,” one fan commented. “Unfortunately people that are judgmental assume that if someone is attractive and comfortable in their own skin and sexuality that’s all they are. Sadly they can’t see beyond that, and will always judge a book by its cover,” another follower replied.

“They're so jealous; remember you have millions more lovers than haters,” a third fan chimed in. “I want you to know I love your content and I say just keep doing you and let them hate. No matter what we got your back,” another follower shared. “Stay strong, Donna. YOU ARE GORGEOUS and have worked very hard to get there. To h--- with the haters,” another fan added.

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Fans Have Nothing But Support For Donna: 'Keep Doing What You're Doing'

“They need to not hate the player. But hate the game. And if you don't know how to play, find another hobby. You rock!!!!” another follower exclaimed. “You are a true influencer. You give meaning and purpose to their otherwise pitiful lives, while their presence on your account improves your algorithmic numbers. Win-win! Keep doing your beautiful self- you're the best one at it!!” another fan shared.

“Seriously?? Why is this offensive? There’s way worse out there and you look amazing and also cover up,” another follower commented, referring to the fact that there are some Instagram users that post way more revealing content than Donna does! “They are jealous because you are female PERFECTION!” another fan gushed along with a long string of alternating fire and red heart emojis.

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“Donna, you came up in an era where ‘social correctness’ was a lot more social and much less correct than now. They are conditioned to ‘bully’ those that do not conform, I doubt they even understand what they are doing or why. Keep that red clay under your feet, keep breaking the glass,” another follower chimed in. “Some people just suck! Keep doing what you’re doing and to h--- with the haters!” another fan agreed.

“People are so tough when they are hiding behind screens and keyboards. What about Britney Spears’ naked post showing her whole a--?! It’s still up! Women need to celebrate our bodies, not hide behind bras, underwear, and other hideous clothing that is so uncomfortable! Gurl, you just keep doing you!!” another fan pointed out, referring to the photo the pop star posted on Instagram earlier in the week.

Fortunately, it looks like Donna is not going to back down from the haters and it's clear that her fans are going to support her every step of the way! Fans can check out more of Donna's content on her Instagram page or subscribe to her OnlyFans page for even more content!

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