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Donna D’Errico Ditches Her Bikini Top To Prepare For… Christmas?

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By Kristin Myers on October 28, 2023 at 7:00 PM EDT

Actress Donna D'Errico is getting ready for Christmas... even though it's still October!

Even though Halloween is right around the corner, it looks like the "Baywatch" star is ready to skip right past the spooky season and get straight to the holiday season!

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'Baywatch' Star Donna D'Errico Gets 'Cheeky' Posing Topless In Red Lingerie

On Saturday morning, the “Baywatch” star took to Instagram to ask her followers, “Too early for Christmas emojis?” She shared a single snap that featured her lying on her stomach on the couch. She is not wearing any sort of top, covering her exposed chest with a snowman emoji. The bottom of her red lingerie is still visible as she gives fans a cheeky rear view of her two-piece lingerie set.

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“Wow! So incredibly perfectly Beautiful and Extremely Sexy AF! Wow!” one fan exclaimed. “So gorgeous,” another follower agreed. “So beautiful!” a third fan chimed in. “Never too late...Red panties and snowman for the win!” another follower gushed. “That lucky snowman,” another fan teased. “Never if it’s you. Best Christmas emoji ever!!!” another follower exclaimed while another fan admitted they were getting “major emoji envy” from her steamy snap!

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Fans Have Actually Seen That Snowman Emoji Once Before!

Donna first shared that photo, including the same snowman emoji covering her chest, on December 25, 2022, to give fans a Christmas present that they won’t soon forget! In the caption, she quoted, “Forgive me, Mr. Claws. I’m afraid I’ve made a terrible mess of your holiday.” She added, “Let’s see how well you know this movie!! Leave a quote from it in the comments!!”

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However, fans wanted to gush over her steamy snaps rather than play her caption game! “Red looks good on you,” one fan commented. “All I wanted for Christmas from Santa is you under my tree,” another follower wrote. “Looks amazing to me. Santa will be happy if that’s waiting for him under the tree,” a third fan teased. “Can you go under my Christmas tree as a present? Christmas morning would have been… very special!” another follower exclaimed while another fan called her “exactly what I want to wake up to on Christmas morning!”

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It Looks Like Donna D'Errico Already Got Into The Spirit Of Halloween!

In another Instagram post, the former “Battlebots” host photoshopped a spooky smile onto a stunning lingerie snap. “Trick or treat?” she asked in the caption, reminding followers that there are many more sultry snaps to be found on her OnlyFans page. “I’ll trick you into giving me a treat,” one fan commented. “Trick or treat, you are absolutely stunning,” another follower gushed. “Definitely a treat!” a third fan exclaimed.

“A wonderful trick and a beautiful treat,” another follower chimed in. “Always a treat coming from you,” another fan shared. “You’re the sweetest treat,” another follower gushed. “Donna, you have such a wonderful smile,” another fan commented. “You are very much a treat,” another follower agreed while another fan wrote, “You look like Mileena from Mortal Kombat.”

Donna's Orange Dress Is Giving Fans Pumpkin Spice Vibes!

Earlier this month, the popular model stepped out in an orange dress that gave fans pumpkin spice vibes, proving that she was truly embracing the spirit of the season. In the caption, she explained the purpose of the event. "Thank you to @lc4a @chrisderoseofficial and @vitomaria4 for the wonderful and important work you do for the animals and for inviting me to your annual gala at the beautiful @beverlyhilton." she wrote. "Thank you @jaymekav for the beautiful hair and makeup. You made me feel pretty."

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"Thank you @styledbycristina for putting me into such a gorgeous @laquan_smith gown and #pacorabanne bag and for keeping my look cruelty-free. I felt like a pretty butterfly my first time back on a carpet in over a year. I need to get out more often. I struggle with self-esteem and self-consciousness, but last night was lovely. Thank you to my son @rhyan_derrico for being at my side, you always are a shining light, and to my beautiful friend @ira_mira for coming and elevating the evening."

Fans had nothing but love for her "classy and elegant" dress!

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