Michael Allio Clarifies Danielle Maltby’s Breakup Accusations

'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Michael Allio Clarifies Breakup Accusations

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on September 23, 2023 at 10:00 PM EDT

Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby called it quits after the two fell in love during this past season of “Bachelor In Paradise.” 

Allio confirmed the news earlier this week on the Trading Secrets podcast -- however, Maltby is accusing him of dumping her just one day after her egg retrieval surgery.

Now, the father of one is speaking out about those claims.

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Danielle Maltby Is Accusing Michael Allio Of Something Terrible

Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio
Instagram | Danielle Maltby

The "Bachelor In Paradise" star opened up about her split from Michael Allio on her “The WoMed” podcast, where she accuses her ex of dumping her just one day after her surgery.

“What’s hard in talking about this really isn’t the procedure itself, it’s what came after,” Maltby said. “The day after Michael and I got home from freezing my eggs, he … he broke up with me and I was very, very blindsided by it. Obviously [I’m] still very emotional and hurt and confused. I still don’t really have any answers. I’m in it," adding that “to have to come down off of the hormones while being in complete shock” was tough to handle. “[I was in] complete physical shock. I was completely blindsided.”

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Maltby also brought up Allio’s son, James, whom he shared with his late wife, Laura. “I’m grieving the loss of him. I’m grieving the loss of the future that I really believed in and I’m grieving the loss of James. And I’m grieving the loss of safety that I felt with him for the first time.”

The “Bachelor In Paradise” star then confessed that Allio was “the first person that ever made me feel safe in a relationship, that made me feel like I was enough.”

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She said that now Allio broke it off with her, and now that her security with him has been “taken away,” looking back on her egg retrieval surgery is “really hard”. “I was so proud of myself [in that moment]. Michael took great care of me. It was a very love-filled weekend,” Maltby explained. “I was able to freeze eight eggs. Which now I am just incredibly grateful for as now I am alone.”

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Michael Allio Reacts To Stunning Allegations

Danielle Maltby Bachelor In Paradise
Instagram | Danielle Maltby

Now, Allio himself is addressing those claims.

“Before [Danielle] moved up I told her I wanted to be extremely clear about where I was at and I told her that I am no place and can’t even fathom a place in the future where I can have kids. I’m so focused on raising my son [James],” Allio said on his Instagram Story. “I said, ‘Sadly you have to move up here and go through this relationship knowing you will maybe never have kids with me. And I felt really bad saying that because I know she always wanted them. But I had to be honest about where I was at. … The idea of welcoming another child, for me, I can’t even do it. It doesn’t fit my lifestyle.”

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He also claimed Maltby didn't do “the whole egg freezing thing, for me,” adding that he thinks that Maltby probably hoped as they were dating the eggs would be “used for a child that we conceived together, but it didn’t happen that way.”

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