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Bachelor Nation's Michael Allio Pens Heartfelt Tribute To 'Darling' Late Wife

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By Taylor Hodgkins on January 24, 2023 at 2:15 AM EST

Michael Allio has been a human embodiment of the saying "Grief is just loved with no place to go" in Bachelor Nation.

The 'Bachelor' franchise was introduced to Allio during Katie Thurston's season of "The Bachelorette" as he captured her heart (and the hearts of Bachelor Nation) in part for his devoted relationship to his young son. His son's mother, as Bachelor Nation would learn, had lost her life to breast cancer a few years ago.

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The Allio's had been married nearly a decade by her 2019 passing. Allio has honored her memory several times during his time on-screen, and also made sure her memory was never forgotten in real life; Allio founded the L4 Project which, according to Newsweek, is "a website that sells clothing and gives 100 percent of the proceeds to charity groups that help to improve the lives of cancer patients."

Allio may have found new love as a result of his time on "Bachelor In Paradise," but his first love is never far behind.

The father-of-one commemorated the anniversary of his wife's passing with a heartfelt tribute post on Instagram on Monday. Before we dive into Allio's emotional photo set, let's look back at a time when Allio's mention of Laura on 'BiP' had thrown a contestant for a loop!

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Allio Used His Story As A Bonding Experience While Dating On The Beach... But It Did Not End Well

Sierra Jackson and Michael Allio on Bachelor In Paradise

Last fall as the latest "Bachelor In Paradise" season was airing, Allio found himself at the ire of Bachelor Nation.

Allio and contestant Sierra Jackson formed a connection on the beach in Mexico, which arguably was strengthened by the duo having a conversation about Laura.

The duo seemingly bonded over the difficulty Allio faces as a single parent, but Jackson would soon find out she and her man hadn't been on the same page in their relationship.

According to our report on the incident, Allio broke up with Jackson on the same night their conversation had taken place. Jackson would decide to cut her time in 'Paradise' shortly after the breakup, but she would soon express her feelings on social media!

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"I feel quite disrespected," Jackson would tweet, in reference to Allio's on-screen actions, including his seemingly fast relationship with Danielle Maltby, "I'm gonna go meditate."

Allio later would speak out in a TikTok video after Maltby had come under fire for conflicting comments about her one-on-one dating history within Bachelor Nation; despite her claims she'd never gone on a date before, fans would figure out she had been on a date during her time on "The Bachelor."

"Choosing to end my only relationship when I was gifted a constellation and didn't have a rose was not a 'good look,' but I know that," Allio said while addressing a 'BiP' fan theory.

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He also addressed fan claims about contestants knowing who is due to come to 'Paradise.' Allio and Maltby had also come under fire after it was revealed the two had casually conversed before coming to the beach for filming.

"No one on the beach knows who is coming down," Allio said in the TikTok. "[Well] at least I didn't."

He also held himself accountable for the way he chose to break up with Jackson. "I still should have handled the break up better," he said. "That's on me."

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Allio 'Looks Within' In Emotional Instagram Tribute To His Late Wife

Allio and Maltby would go on to take their relationship to land after "Bachelor In Paradise" filming wrapped. The two are now dating, and have been on vacation together.

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Allio may have a new love in his life, but there's no replacing his love for his wife.

He displayed his love for Laura in the Instagram photo set he posted in commemoration of the four-year anniversary of her passing. Sharing various snapshots from their relationship, he opened his heart by writing, "It's been four years since Laura passed and I've been staring at my computer for the last two hours trying to think of the right words to honor Her on this special day," he began. "Except my body is paralyzed... my mind adrift... as I sit idle... aimlessly staring at the frozen, snowy ground outside my office window. Confusion sets in, as sixteen years worth of memories and a lifetime of 'what ifs' flash before my eyes like a blinding strobe light set in the darkest of rooms. It hurts to remember, but instead of looking away, today, I'm forced to look within."

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Allio went on to proclaim Laura "is and always will" be an integral part of his life story.

He also shared his hope that his followers who haven't experienced widowhood would experience the heartbreaking level of grief he and countless others have felt in this life. Bachelor Nation figures would 'like' his post in support.

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