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Bachelor Nation's Michael Allio Commemorates His Son's Kindergarten Graduation In Heartfelt Post

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By Taylor Hodgkins on June 8, 2023 at 1:00 PM EDT

Bachelor Nation's Michael Allio commemorated one of the sweetest moments of fatherhood: his son's Kindergarten graduation!

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Instagram | Michael Allio
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Allio, who was first introduced to Bachelor Nation during Katie Thurston's season of "The Bachelorette," and later appeared on "Bachelor In Paradise," is no stranger to vulnerably sharing his life with his followers.

Bachelor Nation fell in love with Allio's heartbreaking story of losing his wife, who was the mother of Allio's son, James, to breast cancer in 2019. The pair had been married for a decade before Laura's passing.

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Allio continues to share James' life with his Instagram followers. On Tuesday afternoon, the "Bachelor In Paradise" posted an adorable Instagram carousel of James' last days of Kindergarten and his graduation.

Before we dig into James' journey to the first grade, let's look back at his father's heartfelt note to James' mama.

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Allio Commemorated The Fourth Anniversary Of His Wife's Passing On Instagram

The Blast took a look at Allio's ode to Laura, wherein he touched on the many forms of love that exist, and the deeply "confusing" aspects that can come with grief.

In a multiple-paragraph post, he also touched on the massive loss we can feel when losing such an irreparable component of ourselves, and a reminder to be aware of and seek out the 'precious' moments in our lives.

"Laura is and always be a part of me..." Allio wrote. "Just like she will be a part of the countless others that had the privilege of calling her friend. Like so many others, when she left, we lost an irreplaceable piece of ourselves. A parcel of protected land that will now and forever be reserved for you. This does not mean one cannot find happiness or love again, but simply points out that there are somethings [sic] in life that are sacred and not ours to give away..." he wrote in the second paragraph.

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Sharing And Opening Up His Heart Has Not Always Been Successful For The 'BiP' Alum

Sierra Jackson and Michael Allio on Bachelor In Paradise

Allio's time on "Bachelor In Paradise" ended up being successful as he found love among the sand and surf. He began dating Danielle Maltby, and the pair are still together to this day.

However, his road to 'paradise' wasn't always an experience filled with roses. He and fellow contestant Sierra Jackson had discussed Aillo's life as a single father and Laura. Jackson had reportedly believed she and Allio's relationship had been strengthened by this conversation, but Allio actually had felt quite differently about their relationship; he broke up with Jackson on the same night. (per The Blast)

Jackson did not hold back in sharing her feelings with Bachelor Nation, as she live-tweeted her feelings.

"I feel quite disrespected," she tweeted, in reference to Allio's seemingly fast-moving relationship with Allio. "I'm gonna go meditate."

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Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio
Instagram | Michael Allio

Allio would later speak out about the split and after Maltby had been criticized for her dating history within Bachelor Nation.

The couple would also come under fire for allegedly communicating with one another before heading to the beach.

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Michael Allio Bachelor In Paradise
Instagram | Michael Allio

"Choosing to end my only relationship when I was gifted a constellation and didn't have a rose was not 'a good look,' but I know that," he said in the aforementioned TikTok.

Speaking about his breakup with Jackson, he would say, "I still should have handled the break up better. That's on me."

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Allio's Son James Earns His Kindergarten Diploma!

Months after his "Bachelor In Paradise" appearance and into his relationship with Maltby, Allio is still taking the time to chronicle his fatherhood journey on social media!

Captioning his Instagram carousel which begins with him and his little man sitting on their doorstep, "What a journey and year it's been! I asked James, 'How does it feel to be done with Kindergarten?" His reply, 'it feels good but Kindergarten will always be in my heart.''

Allio continued, "At six years old, my roommate has experienced more than most. We have our struggles like everyone else... but I'm amazed at how close it has brought us together and how positive his perspective and outlook on life is. It's beautiful."

"Sometimes it feels like we are in such a rush to get to the next place that we fail to appreciate the beauty of the present," the Bachelor Nation alum went on to say, "Today was one of those beautiful days and I absorbed it all. Thankful. Grateful. Proud. Congrats to all the grads," he concludes.

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