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Britney Spears Shares Cryptic Comment Amid Sam Asghari Divorce: ‘A Baby Who Needs To Get Out’

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By Kristin Myers on August 18, 2023 at 9:15 AM EDT

Is Britney Spears calling herself a baby amid her divorce from actor Sam Asghari?

The "Baby One More Time" singer took to Instagram again on Thursday night to leave a cryptic comment about "a baby who needs to get out." But is she referring to herself and her relationship with the Iranian actor?

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Is 'Baby One More Time' Singer Britney Spears A 'Baby Who Needs To Get Out' Of Her Marriage To Sam Asghari?

Yesterday, Britney’s estranged sister Jamie Lynn Spears was the talk of the town when she reportedly “liked” a People magazine headline announcing news of the separation, and later, the divorce. Now, Britney’s BFF Paris Hilton has liked a cryptic caption that featured an illustration of two people. Britney usually credits artists in her captions, but she didn’t in this one.

In the caption of this post, she wrote, “How do you read this ??? It’s interesting !!! I see it as a message in a bottle !!! Or a baby who needs to get out !!! They whisper the poison like in Alice In Wonderland and they wait to see if they have the cure !!! Wise birds know who they are ??? !!!”

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Although Britney disabled comments on this Instagram post, as she has many of her posts in the past, it was still “liked” by Paris Hilton and over 35,000 fans who wanted to show their support for the pop star amid the divorce.

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'Sometimes You See More With Your Eyes Closed'

Although some fans were hoping that Britney would make some sort of statement on the night that the “Special Ops: Lioness” actor took to Instagram to make a statement about the divorce, Britney did no such thing. Instead, she shared a video that showed her zooming in on a woman sleeping.

“Sometimes you see more with your eyes closed ? !!!” she wrote in a cryptic caption that she has become known for. This Instagram post got over 38,000 likes, but Paris’ like was absent from this post.

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Sam Asghari Asks For The Media To Be 'Kind and Thoughtful' Amid His Divorce

Sam Asghari Divorce Statement
Instagram Stories | Sam Asghari

On Thursday, Sam took to his Instagram Stories to confirm that the couple was going their separate ways, although he previously announced that he was taking a break from social media after his mother suffered a “major accident” that landed her in the ER.

“After 6 years of love and commitment to each other my wife and I have decided to end our journey together,” he wrote in an Instagram Story on Thursday afternoon. “We will hold onto the love and respect we have for each other and I wish her the best always. Sh’t happens. Asking for privacy seems [ridiculous] so I will just ask for everyone including media to be kind and thoughtful.”

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Britney Spears Announces Plans To Buy Two Horses Amid Divorce News

Britney Spears rides a horse
Instagram | Britney Spears

On Wednesday night, the same night that Sam filed for divorce, Britney took to Instagram to share the news that she was planning on buying two horses that she planned to name Sophie and Roar and did not mention the divorce at all.

“Buying a horse soon ? !!! So many options it’s kinda hard !!! A horse called Sophie and another called Roar ? ???” she wrote in the caption. “I can’t make up my mind ? !!! Should I join the camaraderie and put a pink cowboy hat on ? ??? Either way I think I found my sweet spot with Roar ? !!!”

Britney Spears Has Not Commented On Reports Of Violence, Cheating

Britney Spears poses alongside Sam Asghari
Instagram | Britney Spears

On Thursday afternoon, there were multiple reports that the "Toxic" singer's relationship ended due to allegations of infidelity. One report noted that Sam saw a video of her in a "compromising position" with an employee that worked in their home. Another report indicated that she left him with bruises and bite marks after a physical altercation - and even left him with a black eye while he was sleeping.

Sam had no mention of either report in the statement he put out on Instagram shortly after both reports were released on Thursday afternoon. “We will hold onto the love and respect we have for each other and I wish her the best always,” he wrote as fans flocked to social media to share their support for the pop star.

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