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Rebel Wilson's Face Was Injured After Being Hit With Butt Of Gun During Fighting Scene

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on August 11, 2023 at 3:30 PM EDT

Rebel Wilson is on the road to recovery! The Australian sensation recently updated fans about her health after a scary set accident.

The blonde beauty needs no introduction, given her status as one of Hollywood's most beloved entertainers. Although famous for her comedic gifts, the 43-year-old embraced an action movie role in her latest project.

However, portraying a badass character was a challenging feat for the mother of one who chose to do her stunts. While filming a fight scene for the upcoming movie, the TV personality suffered an accident that landed her in the hospital.

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Rebel Wilson In High Spirits As She Thanks Fans For Their Support Following On-set Accident

In her latest Instagram Story post, the "Pitch Perfect" star assured her followers she was on the mend in a video. Appearing barefaced while rocking a denim ensemble, the entertainer seemed cheerful despite the small red scar on her nose.

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Rebel Wilson injury update
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Wilson began by excitedly greeting fans and thanking them for their well-wishes following her accident. "I've actually been healing quite amazing," the media personality revealed, zooming in to show the injury before adding: "The stitches have dissolved out from my on-set accident last week."

According to the Teen Choice Award winner, the incident occurred while she was shooting her final fight for the independent movie in Savannah, Georgia. Despite successfully carrying out her other stunts, the late-night shoot scene ended poorly.

"I had done all these kick-ass fight sequences and then, just in the last one, got hit in the face with the butt of a gun. So it was a complete accident, and it was such a shock," the Australian sensation explained.

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"But luckily, I'm healing very well, so I wanted to say thank you for everybody's well wishes, and I hopefully will be totally, totally fine," Wilson continued. Fortunately, the unfortunate experience did not ruin action movies for the actress.

"It was like really fun to do an action movie, but God, it can be, you know, a bit dangerous at times," the SAG Award nominee confessed. "But I'm all good, so thanks, everybody."

Fans concerned about the "Les Norton" star's health would naturally be relieved by her wellness update following her previous Instagram Story announcement. Days earlier, the mother of one shared a terrifying selfie depicting the damages she got from the on-set accident.

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Rebel Wilson Suffered A Stunt Mishap That Left Her Bloodied: 'Three Stitches And In Hospital'
Instagram | Rebel Wilson

In the snap, the "Isn't It Romantic" producer looked haggard with dark eyes and a swollen nose. The damage appeared centered on the bridge of her nose and nostrils, given the bloody wounds.

In the overlay text, Wilson explained the situation, writing: "NOT the way I wanted to end this movie. Three stitches and in hospital last night after a stunt accident at 4 am."

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The Critics' Choice Award Nominee Flaunted Her 'Action Movie' Body In An All-black Ensemble

Months before her scary on-set mishap, Wilson showed off her preparations for the upcoming movie. Taking to her Instagram Story, the Australian beauty shared a stunning picture of herself in an all-black sporty ensemble. 

It appeared the 43-year-old had been toning her body outdoors as she posed in front of a picturesque background featuring clear blue water, greenery, and a mountain in the distance. For her sunny workout session, the comedian flaunted a trimmed-down image in a sweater and skintight leggings.

She accessorized with a baseball cap, sneakers, a fanny pack, and gold-tinted sunglasses. Ensuring her body stayed hydrated, the "Bridesmaid" star held a water bottle as she flashed the camera a sweet smile. "Getting Action Movie ready!" the influencer captioned the post.

Rebel Wilson at Cannes Film Festival 2023: Kering Women in Motion Awards Dinner
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In a second post, the MTV Movie Award winner shared a clip of herself hiking up a beautiful path. The TV personality was surrounded by lush greenery and mountains, appearing at peace in nature as she presumably enjoyed music through her AirPods.

The Hollywood veteran's preparations were for the upcoming action-comedy movie "Bride Hard." In the film, Wilson plays the role of a "badass secret agent" named Sam, who has been tasked with being the Maid of Honor for her childhood best friend.

The project reportedly combined "action, adventure, and comedy" under the guidance of the renowned director Simon West. The movie shall be financed and produced by Balcony 9 Productions alongside Joel David Moore, Max Osswald, Cassian Elwes, and Colleen Camp.

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