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Sharna Burgess On Returning To 'Dancing With The Stars' As A Competitor: 'Fingers Crossed'

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on July 27, 2023 at 5:00 PM EDT

Sharna Burgess might be enjoying motherhood but the Australian ballroom dancer cannot wait to be back on the screens sooner than later!

The renowned choreographer is known for dominating the dancefloor, taking home the Mirror Ball Trophy for season 27 of "Dancing with the Stars." However, she had to give it up to welcome her son, Zane, with partner Brian Austin Green.

Now, the star dancer is ready for her comeback!

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Sharna Burgess Open to the Idea of Competing Again on 'Dancing With The Stars'

After a one-year hiatus, Burgess has revealed that although she is happy she took time off, she missed competing on the hit reality TV show.

The former pro competitor made the revelation while engaging her fans in a Q&A session via her Instagram story. The mom of one stated, “I would love to come back and dance. I am really craving dance and creating and even competing! I feel like that I want that edge and feeling of competing for something”

However, as much as she is looking forward to being on screen again, Burgess has no regrets about taking time off to focus on herself.

“I missed it last year I know but I do not regret that decision because of what I did get to share with Zane. I have absolutely zero regrets about these last 12 months. But I am so ready to dance.” she added.

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In August 2022, the 38-year-old made the tough decision to step back from DWTS after giving birth to her son, Zane. At the time, she took to her Instagram Stories to share the news with her followers, explaining the reasons behind her choice.

Addressing her fans, Burgess revealed that after careful consideration and lengthy discussions, she had decided not to be a part of the 31st season. Contrary to a previously released list that included her as one of the pros for the season, she clarified that she would not be returning. 

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The 38-year-old revealed that this was due to her reluctance to leave her little one alone for the long and often demanding hours on the set of the hit show. "I was not ready to spend, at minimum, 10 hours a day away from Zane," she explained. "I’m a full-time breastfeeding mama. And not only that, I just am so in love with being a mom. As much as it was hard to say no to Dancing...I have this family and this newborn at home that I may never get these moments back [with]."

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Burgess Is ‘Very Emotional’ As Son Zane Turns One: ‘Can’t Believe’

The New South Wales native is forever grateful for making the decision to spend more time with her son. Back in June, Burgess celebrated her baby boy's first birthday with a series of heartfelt videos on her Instagram Story.

In the first video, she captured adorable moments of herself carrying Zane, who looked incredibly cute. With a loving tone, she asked him whose birthday it was and marveled at the fact that he was turning one year old. Zane responded by clapping, adding to the joyous atmosphere.

The day proved to be very emotional for Burgess, and she candidly admitted her feelings in the post. In a second video filmed after the celebration, she struggled to find words to describe the significance of the milestone, settling on "awesome" and "amazing." 

She was pretty much in her feelings as she gave a rundown of the special treatment Zane got on his day. In her words, “Today was super emotional; I can’t believe he’s one. We did a really special bath time with new toys and like the shower head thing with the little dino shower head and the dino bubble head maker.”

To commemorate his first birthday, Burgess also revealed that she had started an email account for Zane, where she would send him videos and memories. Her intention was to share her most treasured memories, including their first year together and the story of his arrival into the world. She wanted to ensure he would never forget the precious moments they shared together.

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Sharna Burgess

Burgess acknowledged that some of the memories might fade, but through the videos and emails, she hoped to convey how much he is loved and cherished. She also mentioned that she would send him a compilation of the special day, featuring moments of him swimming with other kids and enjoying bath time.

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