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Sharna Burgess Gets Candid About Not Having Completely Flat Stomach Postpartum: 'Work In Progress'

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on July 23, 2023 at 1:15 PM EDT

While fellow mothers may envy Sharna Burgess' fit frame after welcoming her first child, Zane, only a year ago, she is letting them know she is not entirely in shape.

Burgess, who underwent a C-section during childbirth, recently dropped a bikini pic of herself, showcasing her trim midsection, causing questions about how she achieved such. The Australian celeb got "transparent" about the subject, revealing that although she has always been fit, her stomach is not as flat as people assume.

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Sharna Burgess Tells Fans She Still Struggles To Stay In Shape Postpartum

During a recent Instagram Q&A session, a struggling follower asked Burgess for the "best workout routine for a flat stomach after a C-section," prompting the dance star to explain that she was still going through "that journey." She recalled the bikini photo she shared, saying it was taken at an "amazing angle," and she felt "really good" at the time.

Touching on her body's challenges following her C-section procedure, Burgess said she felt like her muscles were slightly in different places. She further mentioned that she got some "diastasis recti of about three-quarters of an inch," which she was still working at closing.

"It's hard," the "DWTS" champ confessed. "What you see is because I've been fit my whole life. I've always been blessed with having a great torso and definition." 

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She added, "I also have a long torso where I think it just sort of lends itself to it looking fit and being fit my whole life, staying fit throughout my pregnancy, but I am still very much struggling with it."

Burgess then went on in a second video, pointing at different parts of her stomach, highlighting the distinct position of her muscles. She stated that while she looked great, the same could not be said for every part of her body. Touching her C-section scar, she said, "My C-section scar is here, and it is attached, so it won't move down here." 

"So I have like this hole where there's, I can't really explain it, but there's like I cannot connect to any muscle; it is literally a hole," the ballroom dancer added.

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Drawing viewers' attention to another part of her tummy, she mentioned that she had "way more muscle control."  However, as Burgess turned to the side in the clip, she disclosed that she could not pull in her stomach without warming up and doing full exercises.

She clarified some more in an attached text, declaring that she was still progressing with her postpartum fitness journey. In her words:

"I meant to say I look great, but there are things you don't see. Weight wise, for sure, I'm little, but as far as having strength and control, I'm still a work in progress."

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Sharna Burgess flaunts toned postpartum body in bikini
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Speaking of the 38-year-old's recent bikini post that prompted questions about her fitness, she took to her Instagram Story with a mirror selfie showcasing her in a blue bikini, posing barefoot on a staircase.

Her midsection looked free of fat, the same with her sculpted thighs and calves. In addition, her hair looked ruffled while she accessorized with bracelets, a wristwatch, and a necklace.

Earlier on, Burgess spoke about never feeling pressured to shed all her baby weight after childbirth, even though she wanted to return to "DWTS."

"Honestly, I thought I would [feel pressure]," she admitted. "I thought it would because of having been an athlete and my body being my career."

The mother-of-one then elucidated that it was not only about the "aesthetics on the outside" but also about how her core felt to resume dancing. However, she realized she didn't have to burden herself.

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The 'Burn The Floor' Star Narrated Her 'Scary' C-section Experience Following Childbirth

About a month after welcoming her son, Burgess opened up about her terrifying experience with C-section, an operation she never expected she would do. Taking to Instagram, she divulged that the health professionals told her the procedure was her safest option as her child was not coming out after over 30 hours of labor.

Sharna Burgess - Out and About
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Although the moment was admittedly "scary," the entertainer was relieved to see Zane arrive "healthy and happy."  

Burgess had no idea how to recover from the C-section operation then. She was also terrified to look at her "totally unrecognizable" body; however, she maintained that her baby was worth it.

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