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Tom Sandoval Trying To Weasel His Way Back Into 'VPR' Ex-Friends Lives?

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By MLC on July 23, 2023 at 6:15 PM EDT

Scandoval” is still alive and well after Tom Sandoval did the unthinkable!

It’s been MONTHS since one of the biggest reality TV show scandals broke the “Bravoverse” and internet.

Without getting into all the nitty gritty, “Vandperump Rules” star Tom Sandoval had been dating his reality TV co-star, Ariana Madix, for nine years. They were best friends with their other ‘VPR’ co-star, Raquel Leviss.

Madix even referred to Leviss as her “best friend.”

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Well, lo and behold, Sandoval was having a months-long affair with Leviss right under Madix’s nose.

In fact, none of their other close co-stars and friends (minus Tom Schwartz) knew about Sandoval and Leviss’ secret relationship.

And that’s how “Scandoval” was born.

As you can imagine, Madix broke up with her boyfriend of nearly a decade, and the ‘VPR’ cast had a MASSIVE falling out with the reality TV star lovers.

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Since the explosive ‘VPR’ season 10 reunion, Madix has gone on to make bank with multiple ads, commercials, and movie roles.

Sandoval has been touring with his band, “Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras,” and season 11 of “Vanderpump Rules” has officially picked up filming.

Despite (basically) everyone on the show saying they would REFUSE to film with both Sandoval and Leviss, over the weekend Scheana Shay and Lala Kent were photographed posing for pictures with their disgraced co-star.

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Shay, Kent, and Sandoval were photographed posing with a fan for their birthday.

Scheana Shay, Lala Kent, and More 'VPR' Stars Hangout With Sandoval!

Of course, this photo sent the Twitterverse into an absolute spiral and many fans of the show came after Shay and Kent for reportedly being “fake.”

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Vanderpump Rules cast filming season 11 in Tahoe
_baileyareheart / Instagram

Instagram user _baileyareheart shared a photo with the Bravolebrities along with many of their other ‘VPR’ castmates.

Schwartz, James Kennedy, his girlfriend Ally Lewber, and Shay’s husband, Brock Davies, were also seen in the photo.

Shay is positioned between Sandoval and Ally. Her arm is wrapped around his back.

Kent and Shay took to Instagram over the weekend to clear the air, and Madix even came to her friend’s defense.

Shay posted a video with Kent in bed on her Instagram Story.

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Scheana Shay Hits Back At Trolls Dragging Her For Hanging With Tom Sandoval!

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“To go on an Instagram Story rant or not,” she says laying down.

Kent responds, “Don’t ask me. You know I love going on a good Instagram Story rant.”

Shay continues, “I don’t why I feel the need to defend taking a photo with my hand like this in the back of someone.”

She shows the camera her hand was in a fist.

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“People are so stupid. It blows my mind that people like don’t realize we’re filming a show,” Kent pops off. “And it was that girl’s birthday. Like, what are we gonna be like, ‘NO! Absolutely not.’ Like, no, happy birthday. Take the f**king picture. It’s called adulting.”

Shay adds, “We’re in a group. We’re all here. We hopped in a photo. You know what, I happened to be standing where I was standing.”

She notes the cast takes photos with strangers “every f**king day.”

As previously mentioned, Madix also came to her friends’ defense about the photo.

Taking to her own Instagram Story over the weekend, the Something About Her sandwich shop co-owner wrote, “@scheana is an amazing friend who took a photo with a fan for their birthday. there’s been so many mean comments towards her for it and she was just doing something nice. We always try to stop for photos and when the whole cast is present, it’s common for the whole cast to be in the photo regardless of what is going on between any of us at the time.”

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Ariana Madix Defends Scheana Shay

Ariana Madix hits back at people dragging Scheana Shay
Ariana Madix / Instagram

Madix has moved on from Sandoval and has been dating Daniel Wai.

It’s unclear where Sandoval and Leviss’ relationship stands since “Scandoval” broke.

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