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Raquel Leviss Is Allegedly 'Obligated' To Rejoin 'VPR' Amid Negotiations For Better Pay

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By Favour Adegoke on July 17, 2023 at 6:30 PM EDT

Raquel Leviss is facing tough negotiations with Bravo executives for "Vanderpump Rules" Season 11. However, she is reportedly "contractually obligated" to return, although her time at a mental health facility may provide an exit opportunity if it adversely impacts her well-being.

Leviss endured public backlash after her affair with co-star Tom Sandoval went public, for which she sought therapy for two months. Despite her concerns, she plans to film again. During therapy, she reclaimed her birth name, Rachel, as a way to regain strength against haters. Her stay incurred a hefty $200,000 bill. Now, she aims to embrace her true self and face the challenges ahead.

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Raquel Leviss Is Bound To VPR By A Contract

Raquel Leviss Is Allegedly Now Going By Her Birth Name Rachel Due To Therapy At Mental Health Facility

It was previously revealed that Leviss is standing her ground and "playing hardball" with Bravo executives when it comes to her salary negotiations for the upcoming "Vanderpump Rules" Season 11. The reality TV star is determined to secure the best deal possible, and she's not backing down.

However, fresh details have emerged, and according to TMZ, the former beauty queen is bound by a contractual obligation to return to the show, potentially forcing her to adhere to her previous compensation rate, whether she likes it or not.

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Although a contract might bind her, Leviss' secret weapon lies in her time at the mental facility, which could allow her to exit the show if a doctor verifies that the reality show's demands would harm her mental well-being. Speaking on her behalf, a representative stated that she "has been under contract" and, at the moment, "is just renegotiating possible terms."

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She Is 'Genuinely Concerned About Her Well-Being'

Raquel Leviss at Vanderpump Cocktail Garden Grand Opening

In the previous season of "VPR," Leviss became a social pariah when her scandalous months-long affair with "VPR" co-star Tom Sandoval became public knowledge. The affair, dubbed 'Scandoval,' sparked public outrage as it dramatically ended Sandoval's nine-year relationship with Ariana Madix.

The aftermath of the controversy took a toll on Leviss as she faced an overwhelming backlash from fans and media alike. The situation became so distressing that she sought support in a mental health facility for two months.

As negotiations for her return to the show ensue, and Leviss is expected to begin filming soon, sources reveal that she is "genuinely concerned about her well-being," especially after the brutal treatment she received during the Season 10 reunion.

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An insider shared with Page Six that "watching the reunion was excruciating" for her. "The way the other women just completely tore her apart and essentially wished her dead. It was just a lot to take."

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Raquel Leviss $200,000 Mental Health Bill

Ariana Madix Storms Off During 'Intense' On-Camera Confrontation With Tom Sandoval
Instagram | Raquel Leviss

According to TMZ, Leviss has completed her two-month intensive therapy program at The Meadows, a mental health facility in Arizona. However, her time there came at a significant cost, with the reality star facing a staggering bill of $200,000.

Initially, Leviss had intended to enter the facility before filming the explosive reunion episode of "Vanderpump Rules." However, she prioritized concluding the season first before focusing on her well-being. 

Leviss' representative also disclosed that her time at the facility was not for rehabilitation but rather dedicated to "mental health and trauma therapy."

Raquel Leviss Now Goes By Birth Name, Rachel

Premiere Event for Season 2 of the Prime Video series Upload

Leviss allegedly embarked on a transformative journey while getting treatment at the mental health facility. The experience led her to make a big decision - she decided to reclaim her birth name, Rachel.

Per TMZ, A source disclosed that Leviss went through a lot of tough times because of some haters after the Scandoval incident. These antagonists intentionally wielded her given name, Rachel, as a weapon to target and deeply upset her.

While legally known as Rachel, Raquel has been the cherished name used by her friends and family since her early years, ultimately becoming the identity she strongly associates with.

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While at the mental health facility, her therapists reportedly played a crucial role in helping her understand why trolls used the name "Rachel" as a weapon against her. It was a real journey of self-discovery for her, and it gradually dawned on Leviss that by reclaiming her birth name and fully embracing it, she could take back her power and disarm those who wanted to hurt her.

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