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'Temptation Island' Single Nafeesah Terry Isn't There To Make Friends

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By Melanie VanDerveer on July 6, 2023 at 12:30 PM EDT

The mean girl of the singles wasn't too difficult to pick out. And she didn't try to hide it one bit.

"Temptation Island" single Nafeesah knows what she wants and doesn't care if anyone likes her approach. The single, who's got her eyes set on Great, has made it known that she's not there to make friends and she will do and say whatever she wants to whoever she wants.

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Nafeesah Has Been Shaking Things Up In The Guys' Villa

Temptation Island
USA Network

During the last episode of "TI," Nafeesah started a mini war with Tamie, and Tia jumped in to defend Tamie. After asking Tamie, out of nowhere, if she brushed her teeth, the bickering began. Tia jumped in to help Tamie out, but ended up in tears over the arguing.

Poor, poor Great. He just sat in the middle of all the arguing with a towel on his head staring straight ahead. Wonder what was going on in his head at that very moment! He literally didn't say a word and never strayed from his stare to watch the action.

In a confessional, Nafeesah was asked if she's a mean girl, to which she basically agreed to, but then also pointed out, "I didn't really come here to make best friends with anybody."

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Nafeesah Temptation Island
USA Network
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The 25-year-old real estate agent's bio warned everyone of what was to come.

"Nafeesah knows how to get men riled up, make them fall in love and then leave them wanting more. She prides herself on being able to make anyone's family fall in love with her and hopes to build a family legacy just like her parents did," the bio begins.

But then we get to the part that everyone is currently witnessing, "Her feisty and unapologetic approach to flirting makes her the perfect temptation." And she's completely unapologetic and focused on only what she wants and nothing else.

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Nafeesah Is Not New To Reality TV Or The Spotlight

Nafeesah Terry
Nafeesah Terry - Instagram

The Florida resident is active on social media with more than 600,000 Instagram followers. But you may have seen her somewhere else, too - on "Wild 'N Out." She's pulling reality show double duty as she's still a "Wild 'N Out girl" for the MTV and VH1 series.

Nafeesah just recently shared news about the new season of the show on social media.

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The reality star also shared a carousel of photos about the new season of the show captioned, "@mtvwildnout Season 21’ photo dump!@wnogirls ?? Time filled with love, laughs and family. ♾️ ❤️??"

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Nafeesah also shares a lot of mental health awareness content on Instagram, which isn't exactly the norm for a "mean girl," which can make a person wonder if she's not really mean and just has her eyes on the prize in such clear focus that she's taking casualties as they come.

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A few weeks ago, she shared a post captioned, "My peace, my health and my freedom are the most important things to me…. If it costs me that..its too expensive ? ?️ ⭐️," that included a photo with a motivational thought - "There is nothing I enjoy more than minding my own business, finding new ways to grow, and making moves in silence. You say antisocial. I say at peace."

Do you think Nafeesah will get what she wants - a relationship with Great? Or is she going home as single as she arrived on the island?

"Temptation Island" airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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