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Doja Cat Intensifies Anticipation For Her Upcoming Album: 'My Album Is Nice'

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By Afouda Bamidele on May 16, 2023 at 9:00 PM EDT

Doja Cat has got us at the edge of our seats for her forthcoming album!

With an innovative approach to music and a dynamic range of styles, the rapper is set to deliver a game-changing project that showcases her artistic growth and versatility. She has been teasing fans with glimpses of what is to come, igniting curiosity and sparking frenzied excitement.

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Doja Cat Builds Excitement For Highly Anticipated Album

As she gears up for the release of her new project, the star has been keeping much of the information close to her chest. Known for her unpredictable nature, the artist who promised an evolution in her sound only recently revealed the title slated for the album. 

In a more recent update, she took to her Instagram story and shared a picture of herself half-concealed by her black jacket. Only her eyes and short blonde hair were visible as she wrote across the image, "My album is nice and I love it." 

Before this update, in response to months of eager anticipation and widespread speculation among her devoted fanbase, the chart-topping artist finally put the rumors about her album name to rest.

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Doja Cat Intensifies Anticipation For Her Upcoming Album: 'My Album Is Nice'
Instagram | Doja Cat
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Taking to Twitter, she unveiled the official title of her upcoming album as "First of All." The "Kiss Me More" rapper tweeted, "its not called hEllMoUth either its [sic] ]called "First of All" and yes I'm announcing the album title right now."

In response to the 27-year-old's announcement, fans took to social media to express a range of emotions and excitement. While some pondered whether the information was serious or simply a playful tease, they could not contain their enthusiasm.

One user even shared a lighthearted image of an older woman humorously trapped in a large enclosure. It was accompanied by a playful message that humorously conveyed their impatience, stating, "I am not letting my granny out until you drop it." 

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One fan expressed their readiness even if they didn't fully believe the announcement, noting, "I don't believe you. But ready for your queen sleaze era! Dojo cat da sleaze." Another netizen eagerly stated their anticipation, emphasizing that they were excited regardless of what the album would be called.

Meanwhile, a fourth bombarded her with inquiries, "Omg, what?! Where's the lead? Is Nicki on it? How many Tracks? How Many Features? Double Album? Visuals? We need details!!" A fifth shared their interpretation of the album's name, writing, "First of All symbolizes a fresh, new era, and I am so hyped."

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'Say So' Singer's Unpredictable Tweets Raise Concerns Among Fans

Doja Cat in Paris

Celebrated for her playful and occasionally unpredictable online persona, she likes to keep her followers on their toes with unconventional tweets and actions. While her fans have grown accustomed to her enigmatic nature, a recent stunt after her album announcement has garnered mixed reactions and raised concerns within her fan community. 

Despite her reputation for keeping everyone in suspense, this particular move did not resonate well with her devoted followers. Doja sparked curiosity by proclaiming a purported new stage name as "Emcee Flapchunks the Third." 

Taking to Twitter, she unveiled this unexpected announcement, and The Blast reported that it left her followers puzzled and eager for further explanation. She wrote, "My stage name is no longer Do a Cat. It [sic] Emcee Flapchunks the 3rd, and you'll address me as such." She followed up with a cryptic message that said, "fell for it." 

Receiving less than enthusiastic reactions from her fans, the "Need to Know" singer's prank seemed to have missed the mark, mainly generating unimpressed responses. One user expressed dissatisfaction by suggesting she should rename her album "mental issues" or seek therapy. 

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Another individual went to the extent of wishing her a bad day because they had changed their passwords from "dojacathater" to "emceeflapchunkshater." This person dryly questioned the intended humor behind her announcement, asking, "Are we supposed to laugh? Like.." 

Meanwhile, another netizen expressed their hurt feelings with harsh words, stating, "No one will ever love you until your sense of humor matures, my god ?."

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