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Melanie Martin Recalls Sweet 'Freezing' Moment With Aaron Carter In Amsterdam

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 14, 2023 at 4:00 PM EDT

Melanie Martin is reminiscing about her relationship with the late pop star Aaron Carter, which gained significant attention in 2020.

Their turbulent romance was frequently the subject of tabloid headlines due to their public arguments and reconciliations. Despite their tumultuous relationship, the couple shared some amazing moments together and had a son named Prince before the singer's passing. 

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Melanie Martin Remembers Sweet Encounter With Aaron Carter In Amsterdam

Melanie Martin Recalls Sweet 'Freezing' Moment With Aaron Carter In Amsterdam
Instagram | Melanie Martin

Since the pop star's demise, the mother-of-one has shared cherished memories of their time together, including their travels, on social media, expressing her deep longing for him and how much she misses him.

She recently shared a heartwarming memory of her trip to Amsterdam with the "Fool's Gold" singer in her latest Instagram post. The video showed them walking side by side, both dressed in some warm clothing that was not very helpful judging by the banter between them, which consisted of them complaining about the freezing weather.

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The content creator said while laughing, "Babe, it's so cold here," to which he responded, "it's freezing; b*lls are in my stomach." She then expressed her regret for not bringing warmer clothing on their trip, to which he responded by advising her to get more clothes next time. 

The conversation took a sweet turn when the rapper asked if she would like to get a tattoo, and she stated that she wanted "AC forever" inked on her just to show how much she loved him.

In the following story upload, the actor used a straightener to fix her hair as she laughed and appreciated him for the gesture. She noted that they seemed happier and more at ease when certain people were not around them in the caption, "Clean times, no spencer, dentist or loui in sight ??."

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The trip in question was previously documented on her Instagram feed. It showed them in tourist sightseeing mode as they took pictures on the bridge overlooking the Dutch canal, ate some crepes, and walked on the streets.

Their love was evident in some of the videos as they kissed and expressed words of endearment to each other. In the caption, she wrote, “@aaroncarter #travel #amsterdam #coupleswhotravel #love #babes ??.”

This is not the first time that the influencer has taken to sharing their intimate moments since his passing last November. The Blast reported that she took a trip down memory lane by uploading a video of his interview with Wendy Williams while they were still engaged.

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Appearing virtually on the "Wendy Williams Show," the clip showed the "Dancing With The Stars" alum announcing their engagement as a photo of him and Martin showed up on the screen. He introduced her as his fiancé and pulled her into the camera frame to greet the host.

The older woman then asked how far along she was in her pregnancy, to which she responded that she was five months pregnant. The 58-year-old inquired whether the former bartender would be staying in Atlantic City or Los Angeles, to which she confirmed that they were already in Atlanta and that she would be staying with him.

The Broadway star expressed disbelief that he was about to become a father as the video ended with Williams stating her shock and reminiscing about how she still saw him as a teenager. 

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Melanie Martin Shares Intimate Moment With Aaron Carter During Romantic Getaway

In a nostalgic moment, the former fiancée of the late star shared a private moment with him on her Instagram Story. The video, first posted by the "That's How I Beat Shaq" singer, showed the couple during a romantic trip to Park City, Utah, in February 2021.

Although their relationship was often turbulent and tumultuous, The Blast noted that they shared a deep connection and love for each other. Getting cozy in a hot tub, indulging in some steamy PDA, he captioned the video, "Engagement Valentine Week ❤️❤️❤️."

In her caption, she offered a glimpse into their personal life and the fact that she probably got pregnant at that time by writing, "And then the Prince was made ?." The text was an apparent reference to the conception of their baby boy, who was born on November 21, 2021. 

Simple math revealed that the video taken in February 2021 was approximately nine months before his birth, coinciding with the typical gestation period of a fetus.

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