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Shakira Profits Off Gerard Piqué's Humiliation & 'BZRP' Collaboration!

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By MLC on February 19, 2023 at 8:00 PM EST

Shakira is bankrolling her heartbreak.

The singer’s highly popular “BZRP Music Sessions 53” collaboration with BIZARRAP has been made into merchandise.

She recently took to social media to promote the clothing that features the iconic lyrics that take aim at her ex, Gerard Piqué.

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Shakira Is Bankrolling Failed Relationship With Piqué

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The lyrics printed on the sweatshirt read, “Women don’t cry, women pay their bills.”

This is obviously a jab at not only Piqué, but also her legal situation with the Spanish government.

The Spanish government is suing Shakira for tax evasion from 2012 to 2014. They claim she skipped out on paying the government $14 million.

The sweatshirt also shows an illustration of Shakira wearing headphones with money signs coming out of her mouth.

The song was a large “F**K YOU” to the retied FC Barcelona defender and his 23-year-old girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.

The sweatshirt was designed by her niece Isabella Meberak.

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The merch will only be available for a limited amount of time.

It is available on her website,, and is selling for $60.

However, it appears to have sold out within five hours after she first shared the story.

As of February 18th, the sweatshirt appears to be back in stock.

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Karol G Reveals Why Shakira Is Writing Diss Track After Diss Track

Shakira’s friend recently shared why the Colombian-native decided to write a diss album aimed at her ex. She is currently collaborating on a new song with Karol G.

Karol G opened up to The New York Times about why Shakira has decided to open up about her relationship with the ex-fútbol player.

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Karol G arrives at the World Premiere Of MGM's 'The Addams Family'

She said in their upcoming duet "TGQ," the “Waka Waka” artist is "letting a lot of anger go."

After Karol G sent Shakira the song, the mother-of-two expressed immense excitement.

"She was, like ‘Oh my God, thank you. Those lyrics are perfectly the way I feel right now’,” Karol G explained.

The song was meant to be published on Shakira and Piqué’s shared-birthday on February 2nd, but it mysteriously got delayed.

In addition to making money on music and merchandise, Shakira is rumored to potentially do a tell-all interview about her cheating ex and their relationship.

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Shakira Could Do Tell-All Interview About Piqué

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According to Spanish news outlet 20minutos, Shakira could give an interview in the coming weeks to clarify what really happened and discuss her breakup from the father of her children.

The ex-couple share two sons, Sasha and Milan.

The date of when this reported “tell-all interview” will go down is currently unknown.

She’s referred to the horrible breakup in her songs since confirming their split in June.

Following their joint statement which read, “We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the wellbeing of our children, who are our highest priority, we ask that you respect their privacy.” Shakira released a number of songs alluding to heartbreak and infidelity.

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She sang, “Sorry baby I should have thrown you out a while ago. A she-wolf like me is not for rookies. A she-wolf like me is not for guys like you. For guys like you. I’m too good for you and that’s why you’re with someone just like you.”

Shakira has a 2009 song titled, “She Wolf.”

Shakira’s Lyrics Speak Volumes About Her Feelings Toward Piqué

This isn’t the first song where Shakira has hinted at her ex’s infidelity, shallowness and inability to me a loving partner.

“I’m not getting back with you, don’t cry for me, nor beg me. I understood that it’s not my fault that they criticize you. I only make music, sorry that it bothers you,” the lyrics continued.

Last year she released “Montonía,” which translates to “monotony” in English.

She captioned the video, “Nunca dije nada, pero me dolía. Yo sabía que esto pasaría,” which translates to, “I never said anything, but it hurt me. I knew this would happen.”

Her “BZRP Music Sessions #53” lyrics go on to directly call out her Spanish tax fraud situation, Piqué’s new, younger girlfriend and living next to her mother-in-law.

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