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Kelly Clarkson Files For Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on December 9, 2022 at 3:09 PM EST
Updated on December 9, 2022 at 3:47 PM EST

Kelly Clarkson, winner of “American Idol” season one and artist of hit songs such as “Underneath The Tree,”“Since U Been Gone,” and “Because of You,” has been the victim of a stalker.

The 40-year-old television host recently reached out to Los Angeles Police Department to get involved as the intruder has been leaving strange gifts on Clarkson’s property for the past month.

Now, Clarkson is getting a restraining order.

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Kelly Clarkson Wants Protection

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The "Breakaway" singer is now asking for a restraining order for the protection of her son, daughter, her house manager, and her nanny of her children.

Per the documents obtained by The Blast, "All of these individuals either live with me or spend a significant amount of time at my home and outside of the home. In addition, all of these individuals spend a significant amount of time with me when I am at the office, on television and/or film sets, recording studios, and elsewhere."

Clarkson is also asking for protection for Patricia Farrow, her manager who works in the home.

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Kelly Clarkson's Stalker Is Leaving Gifts

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Kelly Clarkson says she does not know the person and she has been harassed during the period between October 26 and December 6.

In a declaration from Michael Lopez, who is in charge of Kelly's personal security since 2027: "On or about October 26, 2022, I became aware of an individual who had left 11 certain items and a note, presumably for Ms. Brianne, at the front gate of Ms. Brianne's home."

Lopez continued:

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"After that time, I have become aware of 17 additional occasions on which this individual returned to Ms. Brianne's property, and either left other items purporting to be gifts, along with notes presumably to Ms. Brianne, or drove by Ms. Brianne's house. On each such occasion, including the first visit on October 26, I reviewed video footage of this individual either on Ms. Brianne's property or driving by her property. On November 21, 2022, at approximately 2:27 p.m., Ludwin Munoz, who also works in security for Ms. Brianne, confronted this individual, and advised her that we had her on camera, that she was on private property, and that we would like her to stop coming to the property. He told her three separate times that she was trespassing. She apologized, and told him that she understood. However, she returned to, or drove by, the property on twelve separate occasions after the warning."

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Stalker Caught On Security Footage

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Mr. Lopez said he kept track of when the individual visited Clarkson's home, complete with dates and times, and if the security footage was able to capture a video or still photo.

"I have compiled a chart with columns for the date of each of this individual's visits, the time of the visit, whether the image was from a videotape or a still photograph, a still image from the video or photograph, a description of the items left by this individual on Ms. Brianne's property, and notes about the visit, including specific notes that this individual would leave for Ms. Brianne. I also included photographs of this individual and some of her notes and

'gifts'," he continued.

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According to the documents, "On each such occasion, this individual either walked up to the house or drove a Mazda Tribute SUV, with Oregon license plate. Her visit on December 5, 2022, at 5:08 p.m. is particularly troublesome, as she appears to be following Ms. Brianne's children, who were coming home in a car with their nanny."

Kelly Clarkson's Security Guard Speaks Out

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Ludwin Munoz declaration, who works security at Kelly's home, also spoke out about the stalker, saying:

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"On November 21, 2022, I recognized this individual's vehicle, which stopped and parked in front of Ms. Brianne's driveway. I rushed out of Ms. Brianne's house to confront her as she was getting out of her vehicle. I told her that she is not allowed to come onto the property, that we have her on camera, that it is private property, and that we would like her to stop. In fact, I told her three separate times that she was trespassing. I also told her that we did not want to escalate matters. She apologized to me, and told me that she understood. As she was getting back into her vehicle, she realized that her cat had escaped the vehicle, and she got out and told me that she had to get her cat from the property. I said that it was okay. She then came back on the property, retrieved her cat, thanked me, and left with the cat in her vehicle."

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