Aaron Carter by Tower Bridge in London

Fans 'Zoom' Into Memory Lane With Throwback Aaron Carter Clip On TikTok!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on November 7, 2022 at 9:15 PM EST

Flurries of Aaron Carter tributes have hit social media in the days following the 34-year-old's untimely death on Saturday, November 5th.

The singer's memory has been kept alive and well by countless celebrities, including Carter's older brother Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, and Hilary Duff, the late singer's former girlfriend during the height of his teen idol era.

Duff, who reportedly dated Carter on and off in the early aughts, posted an Instagram tribute to her former beau, writing, "You had a charm that was absolutely effervescent... boy did my teenage self love you deeply."

Duff certainly wasn't the only one looking back on memory lane over the weekend!

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Aaron Carter at Tower Records in London
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A clip of a young Carter performing and interacting with fans, originally broadcast on the educational TV show Zoom in the late 1990s, began circulating on TikTok, inspiring nostalgic feelings amongst TikTokers amid the shocking news.

Read on for fan reactions to the bittersweet throwback clip!

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Inside The Celebrity Tributes For Carter

The Blast was on hand to share the many celebrity tributes flooding social media after news of Carter's passing broke on Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday, Carter's Backstreet Boy brother took to his Instagram and Twitter accounts to share a photo set featuring photos of the brothers growing up, along with a heartbreaking tribute.

Carter, 42, gave an honest and transparent glimpse into his relationship with his late brother in his note, writing, "My heart is broken. Even though my brother and I have had a complicated relationship, my love for him has never faded. I have always held onto the hope that he would somehow, someday want to walk a healthy path and eventually find the help he so desperately needed."

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The Backstreet Boy, who is currently on tour with the group, also acknowledged the painful influence of addiction.

"Sometimes we want to blame someone or something for a loss, but the truth is that addiction and mental illness are the real villains here. I will miss my brother more than anyone will ever know. I love you baby brother," his tribute concluded.

Carter's former girlfriend Paris Hilton tweeted her condolences, praising the younger Carter brother's kindness and his heart.

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The "House Of Wax" actress tweeted, "Sad to hear the news of @aaroncarter. He was always kind to my family and I. He had a good heart. Gone way too soon. Sending my thoughts and condolences to his loved ones and family."

Carter's twin sister Angel also took to social media to honor her brother.

"To my twin... I loved you beyond measure. You will be missed dearly. My funny, sweet Aaron, I have so many memories of you and I, and I promise to cherish them. I know you're at peace now. I will carry you with me until the day I die and get to see you again."

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Fans Share Condolences For Carter In The Comments Section Of A Nostalgic Throwback Video

In a lighter social media moment, Carter's fans took to TikTok and gathered in the comment section for a TikTok featuring Carter's appearance on "Zoom" from the late nineties, to remember Carter's precocious talent and on-stage charisma.

The original poster, FreshNostalgia, wrote in the TikTok's description, "Who else remembers his 'Zoom' guest segment? He was the cutest. So talented."

The clip features Carter excitedly dishing on his passion for performing and giving insight into his musical inspiration. He explains, "my music is mostly for girls because I like singing to girls" as audio from an adoring crowd plays in the background!

Carter, who was around 12 years old when the "Zoom" episode aired in 1999, also says, "I love this job so much, I'm always going to do this all my life."

"My first concert! My heart is broken," a fan wrote.

"I still have a box of all of my Aaron merch," another wrote, "Posters, magazines, dolls, bears, movies. I had it all."

The OP of the clip also wrote, "Feels just like yesterday. I remember thinking, 'I don't know who this kid is, but he's adorable.'

The cause of Carter's death has yet to be revealed as of this writing. However, telling audio of a 9-1-1 call surfaced on TikTok over the weekend. Our report states the call had reportedly been made before Carter's body was discovered.

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