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Swifties Get Creative By Paying Homage To Taylor Swift's 'Folklore' Track

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By Taylor Hodgkins on August 4, 2022 at 6:00 PM EDT

The month of August will never again slip away like a bottle of wine, thanks to Taylor Swift's extremely dedicated 'Swiftie' fanbase!

Swift left her mark forever on the eighth month of the year two years ago when she released "August," a track on her surprise album "folklore," which arguably re-defined her legacy, showcasing Swift's ability to write and record genre-spanning music.

The folkier-sounding record was released a month before the aforementioned ode to relationships with blurred lines and featured collaborations with The National's Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver.

As per The Blast's report from July of 2020, Swift had been inspired to write and record "folklore" while in quarantine from the then-very new COVID-19 global pandemic.

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'August' Still Has Swifties In Their Feelings Two Years Later!

Swift's fanbase quickly assembled on Twitter once the clock struck midnight on August 1st to pay tribute to the tear-jerker jam.

Tweets containing various lyrics from "August" began pouring in, many highlighting the vulnerable reliability of the song.

A Swiftie, known as @richardmz13, declared "it's officially salt air & the rust on your door month, so let's talk about how 'august' by taylor swift captures that nostalgia & settling for the bare minimum not 'cause you deserve it, but you think it's your only option & it's better than not being treated in any way at all." Phew!

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Another Twitter user drew attention to a relationship phenomenon awfully familiar to some: the 'I can fix them' mentality, arguing that this thought process wouldn't stand a chance against the power of "August."

The tweet read, "i can fix her" no, she would literally post august by taylor swift on her instagram for the whole month."

Single Swifties were also represented in Twitter's celebration of Swift's heartache anthem.

"lewis (taylor's version)" paid tribute to the song's theme of feeling insecure in the midst of a confusing relationship:

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"me listening to 'august' by taylor swift knowing no boy will live for the hope of it all, cancel their plans just in case i call and meet me behind the mall, so much for saying us cause you weren't mine to lose. no. but i can see us lost in the memory..." Give us a moment to grab some tissues!

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Will Swift Ever Fly Away Into A Moment In Time?

The answer to this question may be impossible to figure out, but the subject of the "folklore" songstress and air travel has been a frequent topic of discussion lately!

We took a look at the news and into the phenomenon of celebrities using their luxurious modes of private air travel to transport themselves to destinations in the shortest amount of time possible.

It was revealed Swift's flights have generated 8,293.54 tonnes of CO2 emissions so far this year, and that her time spent airborne has averaged 16 whole DAYS!

It would make sense Swift would be spending a lot of time in the air in 2022.

The "August" singer has had an incredibly busy first quarter of the year; among her notable calendar engagements include giving the commencement speech and also received an honorary doctorate at New York University in the spring, traveling to London to perform on stage with her pals in HAIM, and celebrating her bestie Selena Gomez's recent milestone 30th birthday!

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