Kim Kardashian's 'Stalker' Threatened To Kill Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian & Ariana Grande Agree On This One Thing About Pete Davidson!

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By MLC on June 2, 2022 at 6:00 PM EDT

Kim Kardashian may be lapping up Ariana Grande’s sloppy seconds, but she’s loving every minute of it.

The SKIMs creator is getting more candid about her relationship with Pete Davidson.

As you may recall, Pete and Ariana dated back in 2018 and even got engaged. Unfortunately, during their courtship, the “Dangerous Woman’s” ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, died of a drug overdose.

Many fans came after Ariana for moving on so fast from him and blamed her for his untimely death.

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Ariana & Pete Had A Lot Of Fun Behind Closed Doors

Pete Davidson holding hands with Ariana Grande

The songstress decided it was best she end her short-lived relationship with Pete, but left fans with a plethora of factual nuggets about the comedian.

Ariana left many clues about what Pete was packing downstairs.

She insinuated his junk was ten-inches long, and in her “thank you, next” music video, she wrote on his “Burn Book” page, “HUUUUGE.”

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See Ariana's Message About Pete's...

In Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians” on Hulu, Kim hinted that his BDE is having a positive effect on her sex life.

Kim, who kept mum about the ‘SNL’ star to her family and producers, finally broke during the episode and admitted she was DTF (down to f**k) following her breakup from Kanye West.

Lucky for her, Pete was the man who met her needs.

Kim said she wasn’t looking for a relationship when she and the 28-year-old initially hooked, and that she had heard about his ‘BDE’ (big d**k energy).

What’s more, Kim opened up about her life behind bedroom doors.

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Kim Was 'DTF' When She Met Pete

Kim Kardashian's 'Stalker' Threatened To Kill Pete Davidson

One thing is for certain, Pete knows how to throw it down better than ANYONE Kim’s been with in the bedroom.

She hinted that she’s having the BEST SEX of her life with Davidson, adding, he’s simply “the best human” she’s met.

Thankfully, her grandmother told her the best sex begins at 40.

"When I turned 40, everyone said it's the best sex of your life, and grandma kept on telling me, '40's the best sex,'" she explained. "So far...(eye wink)."

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Kim Kardashian Drops Insanely Hot 'SKIMS' Photos Amid Pete Davidson Drama
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Kim admitted the comedian is so genuine and nice, that he put pimple cream on her nose while sleeping. She can go out in public without a stitch of makeup on, because Pete genuinely doesn't care what anyone thinks about them as a couple.

During a confessional, she said, “Pete has got to be literally the best human being I've ever met. Like the best heart. People will always say, 'Oh he's so funny,' and it has to do with how funny he is. That's like fourth on my list of why I like him.”

So…what’s first on your list, Kim?

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In the episode, a producer asked the KKW Beauty founder, “So are you dating Pete? Why have you been so secretive?”

The business mogul responded, “Honestly, I just feel like I wanted to really make sure and not just be so like… 'Oh my God I met someone and I'm having fun.' And then just start talking about it on a show and then if we weren't talking months later I'd be like an idiot, or a wh**e, either one.’”

Kim previously referred to Pete’s ‘BDE’ during her appearance on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast with Amanda Hirsch.

When Kim was asked about his ‘BDE,’ the mother-of-four admitted that she wasn’t focused on it until after they kissed and she felt a “zing.”

The Moment Kim Wanted To Explore A Whole New World Of 'BDE'

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian kissing.

“I was like not even focused and then when we kissed I was like, ‘MMMMM,’” Kim said. “It was a stage kiss, but it was still a little ‘zing.’ It wasn’t like this super crazy feeling, but I was just like, ‘Mmm…’”

She went on to say that she hadn’t really kissed anyone else in ten years given her marriage to Kanye West.

“And then a few days later, I was like, ‘Hmm… there is some BDE action.’ Like, I just gotta get myself out there,” she told Hirsch.

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