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Therapy Helped Nick And Vanessa Lachey Break This Bad Habit

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By Favour Adegoke on April 16, 2022 at 4:00 PM EDT

Netflix reality tv show, "The Ultimatum," show hosts gave some more insight into their relationship. Nick and Vanessa Lachey are the new hosts of the recent Netflix reality tv craze, "The Ultimatum."

In addition, the couple is currently hosting another dating reality show, "Love is Blind." Both shows require the couple to delve into their relationship history from time to time to relate to the contestants, resulting in even more publicity for their relationship.

While on "The Ultimatum," the couple conversed with the contestants and linked it to their relationship in the usual way. They both revealed that they'd checked each other's phones in the past. However, after paying a visit to a therapist, the duo put the habit behind them, leading to an even better relationship.

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Vanessa And Nick Lachey Went Through Each Other's Phones

The Lacheys recently got even more candid about their relationship and the previous issues in the past. In the April 13 reunion episode, Vanessa conversed with April Marie, one of the contestants. Marie revealed that she'd previously gone through her ex-boyfriend Jake Cunningham's phone during the conversation.

Vanessa confessed that the move left her with "mixed feelings." She then admitted that she did the same thing much earlier in her relationship. The 41-year-old said, "I mean, I know there was a time in my life when I did it."

The relationship in question is with her now-husband, Nick. The former "98 Degrees" member and Vanessa wed back in 2011 after dating for five years.

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On hearing her comment, Nick asked, stunned, "You wait, what?" To which the actress defended herself by revealing that she wasn't the only guilty party. "You did it too! I'm actually surprised you figured out my password; that was a good one."

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Vanessa And Nick's Therapist Gave Them An Ultimatum

The couple were both served an ultimatum by their therapist earlier in their relationship. Vanessa revealed that a couple's trip to the therapist led to them halting their phone peeping ways and changing their relationship for the better.

The therapist apparently told the duo that it wasn't meant to be if trust wasn't a part of their relationship. Vanessa said, "I remember we went to a therapist, and she was like, 'If y'all are going through each other's phones, then you shouldn't be together.'"

The "NCIS: Hawaii" actress revealed that the advice was one she fully agreed with. "I was like, 'You're right,'" Vanessa said. "I need to trust this man, and he needs to trust me."

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Vanessa Gave Nick Lachey An Ultimatum

Nick and Vanessa Lachey at the 45th Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

Like the contestants on "The Ultimatum" show, the couple co-hosts once had an ultimatum between them. In an effort to relate to the cast in the series premiere episode, Vanessa admitted that she was the one who gave Nick an ultimatum before their marriage.

The actress said, "We dated for five years. So I finally said, 'What are we doing?' I have now moved in with him; I renovated his entire bachelor pad, there was a bar in the pool. I'm like, 'Whatever you want!' Now I'm like, 'Okay, well, I want to put kids in the pool.'"

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To which Nick added, "I think that's what put the nail in the coffin." The couple then revealed that things didn't go so smoothly at first, with each of them leaving the relationship and getting together with other people. Vanessa continued, "If I'm being completely candid and transparent, we took a break. We both saw one other person, and we realized that if we got out of our own way, we could be amazing together."

Vanessa Said Nick's Previous Divorce Was 'Very Hard' On Them

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Still, in the spirit of sharing, Vanessa revealed that her husband's divorce was tough on their relationship. In another episode of the reality series, she described the former relationship as a "very public marriage" which had a "very public divorce. Nick was previously married to Jessica Simpson.

The show host said, "It wasn't until the moment that he was like, 'I'm gonna let it go,' and I said, 'I'm gonna let it go,' and we truly committed to each other." She added that they fell "deeper and harder than we ever could."

Nick concurred, adding that they were eventually able to get a proper perspective.

The couple has been together for over ten years and has two sons, Camden, 10, Phoenix, 6, and a daughter, Brooklyn, 7.

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