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'The Bachelorette' Has Been Named... And There's More!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on March 16, 2022 at 9:45 PM EDT
Updated on May 11, 2022 at 4:20 PM EDT

The 26th season of "The Bachelor" finally came to a close with a two-part finale. The marathon of a finale not only revealed 'Bachelor' Clayton Echard's romantic fate but also lived up to the franchise's promise to deliver "The most dramatic season" Bachelor Nation had seen in its two-decade run.

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Echard experienced his fair share of struggle upon realizing he still had strong feelings for the recently departed contestant Susie Evans, after coming to terms he was in love with his top three contestants, including Evans!

Needless to say, the finale was... a lot to take in!

Among the biggest jaw-dropping revelations in Bachelor Nation last night included the reveal of "The Bachelorette" for the show's upcoming 19th season!

In a period where fans have been gifted with a nonstop cycle of programming for the last eighteen or so months, it's easy to believe Bachelor Nation has nothing new left to give.

This is simply not true!

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The Bachelorette's Big News!

"The Bachelorette" has had many surprises over its last few seasons. From Clare Crawley's surprise exit and mid-season replacement by Tayshia Adams to Kate Thurston and Michelle Young's landmark back-to-back season announcement, the show has known how to keep Bachelor Nation on its toes.

In last night's shocking finale of "The Bachelor," Echard broke up with his remaining two contestants, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey before deciding to pursue Evans once again.

Echard made the decision to break up with Recchia and Windey together in the same room at the SAME time which inspired a tearful next few hours of television.

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The (formerly) broken-hearted women got a chance to face Echard after a few months of resetting and reflection on the post-finale "After The Final Rose" special, and captured the hearts of Bachelor Nation and dominated social media hashtags after both women delivered memorable, engaging, and mic drop worthy moments in their conversations.

Throughout the "After The Final Rose" special, host Jesse Palmer repeatedly hinted at the upcoming 'Bachelorette' reveal, and how viewers had no idea how it was going to unfold, even if they thought they may have an inkling of what to expect!

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A Terrific Twosome!

Social media was soon abuzz with speculation over who our upcoming 'Bachelorette' could be after Palmer's repeated teasings that it was not Recchia OR Windey.

The audience would frequently react in disapproval after he had said each of their names.

The audience needn't worry for long, because the announcement soon came that there would be not one, but TWO Bachelorettes for a joint season!

Recchia and Windey, whose incredibly enduring and endearing friendship, made headlines and charmed social media, were clearly overjoyed with the news!

The duo was adamant about how excited they were to embark on this lifechanging journey together, despite how unusual a double 'Bachelorette' season would be. According to E!, Palmer was honest when he admitted choosing which contestant to be the next Bachelorette was "The hardest we've ever had to make."

Both ladies had each other on their minds after the announcement was made!

Recchia expressed her happiness for her new co-lead saying, "I'm so happy for [Gabby]. This is insane and I'm excited to do this journey with you. We did it once together, and we've been through the most crazy experience together."

Recchia's bestie added, "Having a friend by my side is the best thing I can ask for!," as per E!.

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