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'The Bachelorette' Spoilers For Michelle Young’s Season So Far

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By Favour Adegoke on November 12, 2021 at 10:45 AM EST

"The Bachelorette" season 18 stars Michelle Young, an elementary school teacher who arrived late on Matt James' season of "The Bachelor" and made it close to a proposal. She shuddered for Matt's heart alongside Katie Thurston and eventually became a runner-up and fan-favorite.

In March, she earned the Bachelorette gig during the "After The Final Rose" special with Emmanuel Acho.

At the time, Young stated, "I do think this process works. When you can set down all of these outside distractions and dive in, I think you can really learn a lot about somebody. I'm just excited. I'm ready to get started."

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Her season of "The Bachelorette" started with the glam, drama, and awkwardness that was expected. Its first week saw the elimination of Jamie Skaar, LT Murray IV, Mollique Johnson, Spencer Williams, and Peter Izzo. As it stands, 14 men continue to vie for Young's heart in the dating competition.

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A photo of. Michelle You ng holding a red rose in a red dress.
Instagram | Michelle Young
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Out of the now 14 men fighting for Young's heart, not all of them can stay, and a few more will go home after the cocktail party. However, that might not be the end for these men in Bachelor Nation. As more men get eliminated from Young's season of "The Bachelorette," there's a high chance they would show up in next year's "Bachelor in Paradise."

Keep reading to find out what to expect in this season and other revealed spoilers.

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Nice Outcome From Young And Martin's First Date

Young invited Martin Gelbspan on her first of two one-on-one dates this week. According to ABC, the 29-year-old is a personal trainer from Miami, Florida.

"A passionate and disciplined man, he spends his days perfecting his physique and spending time with his loud, fun family who emigrated from Argentina when he was 10 years old," his profile reads.

"Martin says he gets his passion from his parents and credits them for teaching him how a husband should treat his wife. Martin is looking for a mature, health-conscious woman who wants to be loved."

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The pair went on a race date, and it appeared that the 29-year-old personal trainer was approved. In fact, according to the episode description, Young "is putting her foot on the gas, moving forward in her journey to find love, starting this week with an adrenaline-pumping joyride at the BMW Performance Center alongside one lucky guy."

Martin also received a rose from Young, as seen in this week's episode preview at the rose ceremony.

Young And Rich Leach's Date Involved Andy Gammer

For her second date of the week, Young involved Rich Leach. He is a 32-year-old medical sales representative from Los Angeles, California.

Depicted as a "self-proclaimed hopeless romantic" in his ABC profile, Leach "finds romanticism in the small things in life and is the type of guy who will send you flowers at work for no reason but to say, 'I love you.'"

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Michelle Young looks amazing in this casual outfit, with a beautiful smile on her face.
Instagram | Michelle YoungMichelle Young

The episode description stated that they rode in a gondola lift.

"The pair took to the sky for a ride in a gondola lift. As ABC teased, the date saw one jokester open up unexpectedly and featured a surprise performance by recording artist Andy Grammer."

Leach also received a date rose from Young because he was seen during this week's preview at the rose ceremony.

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Chris Sutton Causes A Ruckus At Rose Ceremony

For every show, there must be a villain, and this time it's Chris Sutton. According to the episode description, it was explained that Sutton tried to cause a fiasco at the rose ceremony.

"Just when the drama seems to have faded into the background, one man makes a bold move at the cocktail ceremony, turning the night on its head and forcing Michelle to make some tough decisions as she hands out her roses," ABC explained in the episode description.

Sutton whispered to Young at the Rose Ceremony, saying, "I wanna say something. There are guys here that think they have it in the bag. They're not showing you the effort that you deserve."

This incited the ire of many of his other co-stars, who were heard saying, "Chris S. is a Snake," and "He threw us all under the bus."

The upcoming "Bachelor," Clayton Echard, asked Sutton, "Who are you to call me into question?"

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Last Episode's Recap Of The Show

In the last episode, Rodney and Young opened up about their green flags in a spouse. Young admitted that when she looked at her parents, they still found each other funny and made each other laugh, which is what she wants in her relationship.

They also discussed more sensitive issues such as race over their romantic dinner. Young then mentioned that she needed support in a relationship and didn't like to be doubted, which Rodney said he "totally understands."

Peter and Will got into a big fight over their feelings for Young; when the former took Will's jacket and threw it in the swimming pool, the situation took a wild turn. In his defense, he said Will's jacket needed a little wash.

However, Will got angry and began to sob as he walked away from the situation.

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