Britney Spears goes off Instagram again

Britney Spears Wants 'To Be Feared' Before Going Dark On Instagram

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By Rima Pundir on March 16, 2022 at 1:23 PM EDT

Britney Spears just went to Las Vegas, but as she told Instagram, this time her experience was way different from the last times she was in sin city, doing her residency. This time, Britney was a free woman, although not as free as she'd liked to be, considering she was all covered up, in clothes, we mean.

That, of course, did not stop her from going on an Instagram rant and getting all the support from her fans, along with a healthy dose of confusion from them as well.

But what's even more striking is that post her rants, Britney's Instagram page has gone off the radar. Did she leave IG, or did IG boot her off?

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Britney Spears' Instagram Goes Dark

At the time of writing this article, Spears' Instagram page seems to have gone dark and trying to access it gives you a familiar Instagram message.

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Britney Spears Goes Off Instagram
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Makes us wonder, has the Queen finally decided to take a social leave of absence or did Instagram decide that her days of being a "rebel and free woman" were a bit much and banned her for a while?

Considering this is Britney and she did delete her Instagram account last September, it could go either way and she's likely to be back again.

Her fiance, Sam Asghari's account is alive and well, for now.

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From wearing itsy bitsy bikinis to nothing, and from not being able to have even the freedom to have pain and fever meds brought to her, to becoming her own woman, Britney Spears has come a long way since the conservatorship and is enjoying her life to the hilt.

She's also cataloging all her newfound experiences on Instagram, often moving her fans to the point of tears when she called food to be God because she had not dined out in 12+ years. The wonder at being able to take a pain med when she pulled her shoulder, also made her fans feel for her and the kind of life she was forced to live. But all that is in the past now as Britney enjoys her time as she pleases.

After nearly 14 years, Los Angeles Judge Brenda Penny dissolved Spears’ conservatorship in November 2021. Finally, the 41-year-old pop star got freedom back in her personal life and control of her multimillion-dollar estate again, which she seems to be spending on vacations.

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A Different Side Of Las Vegas For Britney Spears

Britney Spears goes off Instagram again

In one of her last posts, Spears, 41, shared that her recent trip to Las Vegas was very different from the time when she used to perform her “Piece of Me” residency while under her father Jamie’s control. She said it gave her “a whole new perspective on what it means to live.”

Wrote the "Toxic" singer, “The only thing I’ve known when I used to go to Vegas was hour-long meet and greets with 40 people every night getting the worst pics of me ? and then a two-hour show.

This is the second time the Grammy winner spoke candidly about her residency, having revealed last August that she only went out twice during the entire four-year run, writing, "I was thinking about when I did shows in Vegas … the four years I was there I went out only two times !!!! Unfortunately, I’m not lying."

In another post, she also rambled about how her brother never let her have Jack and Coke even as she begged him for it. She wondered if that was because he was a lot older than her or Jamie, or just because...

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Britney's Last Post Told People To Go "F**k" Themselves

Britney Spears goes off Instagram again

As Britney paraded a lovely black top and skirt ensemble, as well as a bandanna top over silver leggings she also spoke about how this time, during her trip to Vegas, she enjoyed some spa therapy.

What did not please her was when her masseuse assured her that everyone still loved her.

Spears then wrote, "Don’t ever pity me … I don’t want to be loved … I want to be feared !!! Being loved and being nice got me taken advantage of …… so take your pity and go f–k yourselves!

And then Spears wents light out on Instagram so obviously her fans must be wondering, is Britney okay?

Her Twitter is still active, for now, and we leave you with her last rant, dated January 15...

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