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‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ Stars React To Latest ‘Star Wars’ Controversy

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By Kristin Myers on January 15, 2022 at 6:47 PM EST

The stars of “The Book of Boba Fett” are responding to the latest “Star Wars” controversy to hit the news.

During the Television Critics Association press tour on Friday, The Hollywood Reporter asked stars Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen about some of the latest controversies to hit the show.

When the third episode of Boba Fett’s story hit Disney+ on Wednesday, many fans were irritated at the way the Tusken Raiders were quickly dispatched from the show.

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Tusken Raider Slaughter Sparks Online Backlash

Although the “Star Wars” films portrayed the Tusken Raiders as reckless and simple-minded, Boba Fett’s story has shown that there was a lot more to the tribe than most people expected. The Tusken Raiders have a more complicated culture than fans could have dreamed of, along with a complex language that they use to communicate with.

During the panel, Morrison admitted that the portrayal of the Tusken Raiders was better in the show than in the films. However, the Tusken Raiders tribe is abruptly destroyed in the third episode, leaving not even the children alive. Morrison revealed that, in the script, Boba Fett simply tossed their bodies into a fire and walked away.

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Morrison was quick to say, “Oh, hang on, we got to put a bit of ceremony into this.”

He further explained, “They are the Indigenous of the sands of Tatooine, and I was creating a little bit more history about their own culture, and I was pulling from my own culture, in a way, in terms of the ceremonies and preparing the warrior and preparing a weapon. And Boba has never experienced a real family before, with the young Tuskens and the old Tuskens, and protecting their land.”

“We knew so little about the Tuskens, and [the show] really gave them an incredible backstory,” Wen added. “I thought all of those elements really enrich who the Tuskens are.”

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She said that setting their bodies on fire fit with what has already been presented in “Star Wars” films, saying, “Whether it’s the Jawas, when they were attacked, there is this ceremonious desire on Tatooine to burn the bodies as opposed to letting them lie out in the open desert.”

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‘Boba Fett’ Stars Respond To Criticism About The Episode 3 Biker Gang

In the current timeline of episode three, Boba Fett enlists the help of a young biker gang, which includes “Yellowjackets” star Sophie Thatcher. However, each of the bikers has a different brightly-colored bike, which one critic compared to something out of “Power Rangers.”

When asked about the biker gang criticism, Morrison said, “Some of these things are out of our control. We can’t say as performers ‘We don’t want to work with these people, that’s not good enough.’”

“They brought a lot of color to it, I thought,” he added. “They were great; [they] were working hard.”

Wen actually liked the colorful bikes and pointed out that it was something that “Star Wars” creator George Lucasmight have appreciated.

“This is a real homage to the things [creator] George Lucas always loved,” Wen explained. “Whether it was the Mods in the ’60s, or [Lucas’ hot rod film] ‘American Graffiti.’ At the same time, it lends itself to learning more about Tatooine. And Sophie was a lovely human being, and I definitely enjoyed getting to know her.”

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Temeura Morrison and Ming-Na Wen as Boba Fett and Fennec Shand in The Book of Boba Fett
Instagram / mingna_wen

Showrunner Robert Rodriguez had previously expressed that there might be some controversial non-Star Wars elements that might irritate some fans. However, he also stated that there will be plenty of surprises in store. “Things turn up you don’t expect, you see things we couldn’t believe we got to do. Every episode has big surprises.”

Elsewhere during the panel, Wen also answered questions about what it was like to play such an intense physical role at the age of 58.

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“I like representing older, strong females,” she said. “I do have a certain set of skills, whether it’s martial arts or kickboxing or learning stunt fighting. But it used to be that when a woman reached 40, they’d get put out to pasture. I’m far beyond that now, and it’s great that I can still continue to do this. I feel very privileged and honored, and I’m living out my dream of being in a ‘Star Wars’ project. I’m going to kick butt for as long as I can.”

“The Book of Boba Fett” is available to stream on Disney+. New episodes are available every Wednesday.

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