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 A photo of Chris Evans posing at an event with a distant expression on his face.

Chris Evans Reportedly Abandons Los Angeles Mansion

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Chris Evans seems to have abandoned his $3.5 million mansion in California Los Angeles, as the popular “Captain America” actor decided to stay back in his hometown at Boston, Massachusetts for the quarantine.

He said to "Het Laatste Nieuws,” in April “I am someone who prefers to be at home, so I do not feel the urge to go outside every day.”

“The vast majority of my free time now goes to reading books and to Dodger.” 

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Chris Evans

A black and white themed photo of Chris Evans in a white shirt.
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Chris Evans is an American actor popularly known for his role in Marvels Cinematic Universe (MCU) film series as “Captain America.” Evans was born June 13, 1981, in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. 

His role as Captain America in various MCU series made him one of the highest-paid actors in the world with a net worth of $80 million.

Asides from being an actor, Evans is also a director, he has been nominated for various awards and has won a remarkable amount which include “Kids' Choice Awards” for “Favorite Butt-Kicker,” “MTV Movie & TV Awards” for “Best Fight(shared with cast),” and others.

Why Did Chris Evans Leave His Mansion?

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Apparently the 39-year-old MCU actor has abandoned his Los Angeles mansion that he purchased in 2013.

In April 2020, Evans said that he really preferred and enjoyed spending time at home, that he decided to quarantine in the East coast city of Boston, his hometown.

According to, the 4,600-square-foot house, of the star which has been void for a while now was built in 1940, and was renovated several times by the Stewart-Gulrajani Designs team, before it was bought by the actor.

Is Chris Evans In Any Relationship?

Chris Evans looks stunning in a white suit and a black and brown colored tie.
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Evans has had past romantic relations with various stars which include the wife of singer, actor and record producer Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, who is an actress and model.

Presently, Evans is rumored to be involved with the popular actress Lily James who starred in “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.” 

The two were spotted publicly for the second time on Wednesday, July 8, 2020, having ice cream in a date-like setting in a London park.

However, it is still unclear if the rumors are true or not.

What's Next For 'Captain America?'


There were rumors that Evans would resume his role as Marvels' Captain America, and this made fans really excited, but he brought this rumor to a close when he tweeted that it was “news to him.”

However, fans are still thrilled as it seems that Evans and singer Ariana Grande are to star in Adam McKay's upcoming Netflix show “Don't Look Up,” with Leonardo DiCarprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Himesh Patel, known for his role in musical romantic comedy “Yesterday,” a movie about the 1960 English rock band “The Beatles."

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