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Sam Asghari and Britney Spears (and the red background)

Britney Spears' Boyfriend Sam Asghari 'Officially Supporting' #FREEBRITNEY Movement

Britney Spears | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

Less than 48 hours before Britney Spears' big court date, her boyfriend of four years seems to have shown support for her freedom.

Spears met (now) 26-year-old fitness trainer Sam Asghari in October 2016 while shooting her "Slumber Party" music video...which you can watch below.

On Monday, a makeup artist said to have worked on the "Slumber Party' set shared the famed #FREEBRITNEY movement hashtag to her Instagram Story...and Sam responded to it.

See what Sam "said" (and why it's causing conflict amongst the movement 👀🔻)

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Makeup Artist Shares 'How Sam Feels' About #FreeBritney

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari on a boat
Britney Spears | Instagram

Sam's simple reaction of "😍" spoke volumes to the makeup artist (whose handle is @superdupermaxi). Maxi shared the screenshot back to her Story, writing, "incase you're [sic] wondering how Sam feels."

Britney advocates have mixed feelings about the interaction, with several saying they "don't trust him."

"He is losing followers. He is more concerned with himself. #SamIsAScam," one user wrote.

#FreeBritney is ramping up - and so are rumors about gag orders being given by the Spears camp. These suppositions are sparking much skepticism, especially when it comes to Sam...which was heard here: "I'm curious if he's also being threatened. But at the same time, I don't trust him one bit."

'Weird Vibes' Or Nah?

Britney Spears | Instagram

And as mentioned, the sentiments towards Sam weren't entirely negative.

"Of course he can’t speak [sic] about it openly, but this a sign that he is really supporting Britney 😍," someone tweeted.

"Getting weird vibes about this 💜," a supporter said, adding they "Hope this was really him."

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A backup on Britney's boyfriend: exactly two years ago, he told Men's Health he "had butterflies" before meeting her.

Sam Asghari Gushes Over Girlfriend: 'She Motivates Me'

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari wearing white shirts
Sam Asghari | Instagram

“I was excited that I get to meet one of the biggest artists of all time,” Asghari told the mag. “She said, ‘Hi, I’m Britney,' and I said, ‘I’m sorry. What’s your name again?’”

Sadly, Sam's joke fell flat.

“I tried to be funny. I don’t think anybody got it.”

Asghari, who was 4 when Britney dropped "...Baby One More Time," said "She motivates me more than anyone."

"It’s crazy how I can be humbled by a person like her. If I could be that humble when I’m that high in life, that would be the best thing."

Britney Says They Were 'Basically Forced To Talk Each Other' On Set

Britney Spears kissing Sam Asghari on the beach
Britney Spears | Instagram

Britney shared her recollection of their "Slumber Party" meeting during a 2017 interview - it seems they bonded between takes...or as Spears said, "waiting and waiting together for 20 minutes at a time."

“So we were basically forced to talk to each other and he has no idea—I mean, he knows my name—but he doesn’t know me as a person. He’s like ‘What is this girl like?’ and I have no idea who the hell he is.”

See how Sam shot his shot with Britney Spears... 🎣🔻🎣

Britney Called Him 'Five Months Later'

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari eating dinner
Britney Spears | Instagram

They began talking about sushi (and the possibility of grabbing some), so Sam slipped her his number...which she found in her bag "five months later."

“I was like, ‘He was really cute, this guy was really cute,’ so I called him,” she said at the time. “He’s just a really fun, funny person.”

The Spears situation is a sticky one - and has been for 12 years (since her human rights were stripped via a 2008 conservatorship order). As public figures and the general public catch wind of the #FreeBritney movement, its seriousness its only escalating.

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