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Teyana Taylor Defends Travis Scott After Fans Praised Her For Stopping Show

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on November 11, 2021 at 3:30 AM EST

Teyana Taylor is coming to Travis Scott's defense amid the backlash from last week's Astroworld tragedy.

Sometime this week, a video of Taylor stopping her performance to help out a distressed fan went viral on Twitter. In light of the accusations levied against Scott for not stopping the show to attend to the casualties, fans praised Taylor.

The clip, which was captioned, "Teyana Taylor was like y’all not finna Travis Scott me," received more than 138,000 likes and over 20,000 retweets from netizens.

During a recent run-in with TMZ, the "Coming 2 America" star addressed the remarks from fans and shut down the idea that Scott was an irresponsible artist.

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Teyana Taylor at the premiere of The Harder They Fall
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When asked by the paparazzi if the "Goosebumps" crooner should have followed in her steps and ended the show, Taylor claimed that she had seen past videos of Scott stopping shows in contrast to what social media is painting.

There's video of him stopping the shows. It's just people are choosing whatever video to make it look like he's not but I have seen videos of him stopping the shows.

While Taylor didn't go into further details about the matter, she noted that the safety of concert-goers doesn't only rest in the artist's hands.

According to the "Teyana & Iman" star, other participants like security, venue staff, and many more play a role in keeping fans safe.

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Recent Updates From Astroworld Investigations

Travis Scott Sued By 9-Year-Old ‘Astroworld’ Victim Who Is On Life Support

As you might know, over the weekend, Scott's Astroworld concert went berzerk, and eight fans lost their lives. Several others have been critically injured, with a 9-year-old boy among the victims.

When the news first broke, there were reports of mass casualties resulting from someone in the crowd randomly injecting people with some kind of drug that caused immense chaos.

However, the Houston Police Department has now cleared the air on what happened and what did not happen during the concert. In a press conference covered by The Blast, the authorities confirmed that the stampede wasn't caused by someone injecting people.

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The Houston police chief referenced the rumors of a security guard who was allegedly pricked in the neck while trying to settle the stampede, confirming that it was absolutely false.

The Police chief revealed that the guard was punched, not pricked. The recent update is a total u-turn from what the chief had said earlier when the incident first occurred.

At the time, he stated that the alleged security guard suffered an injury on his neck that looked like an injection site from a needle.

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Travis Scott Was Responsible For Stopping The Show

The Police chief also made it clear that the responsibility to halt the show was on Scott and the production company's shoulders and not on the security operatives on the ground.

As for his relationship with the rapper, the chief noted they had only met twice, debunking claims that they were tight.

Since the tragic incident, Scott and Live Nation have been served multiple lawsuits. The "SICKO MODE" rapper has also pledged to cover the funeral costs of the late victims and offer free mental health services to the concert-goers.

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