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Travis Scott To Pay For Funeral Costs Of Astroworld Festival Victims And Offer Free Mental Health Services

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By TheBlast Staff on November 8, 2021 at 4:50 PM EST

It's been two days now, since the tragic events that unfolded, at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival. Eight people died from injuries, and possibly being injected from drugs, as well.

The Houston native has been catching plenty of backlash as well, as many accused him of deciding to not stop his performance, as concertgoers were dying, in the crowd. Travis ended up claiming that that wasn't the case, and he would've done so, immediately.

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Travis Scott Will Cover Funeral Costs Of Festival Victims

According to TMZ, Travis will be paying for the funeral expenses, of the eight deceased victims. He also reportedly will pay any amount needed, for any individual. This is something that many fans wanted from Travis, considering how much he's being held accountable for what occurred, in at his own festival.

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Mental Health Services For Other Fans Will Also Be Offered

In addition to Travis Scott covering the funeral costs for the Astroworld Fest victims, he is also partnering with BetterHelp. This is a group of mental health professionals, who will offer free services. These services will go towards the fans who were in attendance, who may be struggling to process what they witnessed, on November 5.

These sessions will be set up virtually, and one-on-one. BetterHelp is also getting together with National Alliance of Mental Illness, to provide additional assistance. A hotline will be created, on their end, as well. 50,000 people were in attendance, for Astroworld Fest.

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Travis Is Issuing Refunds For All Astroworld Tickets

A new report by Variety, states that Travis is also issuing full refunds, to all who attended Astroworld Fest. Day two of the festival  went on to be canceled, which was set for November 6. The first night of performances included Travis, Drake, Roddy Ricch, SZA, and more. In addition to Travis giving fans full refunds, he will also not be performing at the upcoming Day N Vegas festival, on November 13, in Las Vegas. He is reportedly “too distraught to play."

Lawsuits Against Travis Scott Continue To Surface

As expected, there will be plenty of lawsuits against Travis Scott, for the horrific incidents, at his festival. Per TMZ, Travis and Live Nation are facing these lawsuits, as seven have come from Attorney Ben Crump. Lawsuits were also filed by the firm of Roberts Markland LLP.

These lawsuits state that Travis and Live Nation "failed to provide adequate security and a security plan to protect attendees."  The deaths of the victims at Astroworld Fest were also said to be caused by " several stampedes and a crowd compression." Attorney Sean Roberts claims that the clients he represents were "seriously and permanently injured."

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Travis and Live Nation are being sued for negligence, and other damages. In another lawsuit against Travis and Live Nation, Drake is also listed as a defendant. Drake performed with Travis on November 5. The person behind this lawsuit is Kristian Paredes.

Documents state that Travis and Drake incited the crowd, and should've known what the reactions would be. Organizers and security, were also slammed, for their lack of efforts. This lawsuit is looking to receive $1 million, in damages.

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