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Harry Styles Was Directly Asked About His Sexuality

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By kenadijiba

The Howard Stern Show gave Harry Styles's fans a personal peek into who he really is at the core of his persona. Of Course when Simon Cowell initially put this unknown band together at the time, he was more worried about marketability than anything else. Did it matter how the teenage boys, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry felt concerning how they wanted to mold together their image? Probably not, but at the same time since they were so young and naive wasn't it a plus to have someone at your side guiding you towards assured success.

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Simon Cowell

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Howard Stern notably is not a big fan of Simon Cowell, and he made that ever more clear during his interview with Styles. Boldy Stern asked Harry if he liked Cowell at all, Styles didn't necessarily say no but there wasn't a beaming smile of a yes. When Styles signed on as a solo artist Simon was not too thrilled that he did not consult him. Harry spoke on this and said he just wanted to make for the first time as an adult his own decisions concerning his music direction, no pun intended.

Fashion Choices

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This choice was in the end a huge pay off for the artist. But, a lot of Directioners will come out and say he was already doing that towards the end of his career with One Direction. From his off the wall style choices, to the ambiguity surrounding his sexual orientation, Styles was always going to go his own way no matter what the circumstances. Interestingly enough, Stern actually went on to ask Harry head on about his sexuality which never had been before done so directly. Ultimately, in true Harry fashion he didn't really give the public anything to work with.

Hyper Sexualized

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But honestly is it anyone's business what goes on behind the scenes in Harry’s bedroom. The over analyzation and hypersexuality attached to Styles from an early age has been quite uncomfortable to look back on. Just because he is an attractive man doesn't mean his private life should be discussed so publicly and unapologetically. Also, people act as if Harry is the first handsome man to ever walk planet Earth. There have been many before him and will be many after, so a piece of advice please hold yourselves together when coming across a guy you believe is cute.

Who He Will Date?


As for contenders that might be swimming around in Styles head as possible lover options, Howard pressed for that as well. He brought up names like Ariana Grande, and Kaia Gerber. First of Howard seems like he is a bit dated in terms of celebrities he follows, and just randomly picked two women who his staffers see “popping” on Instagram. Not to negate Grandes obvious talent as a vocalist. But, who knows who Harry’s future wife will be or if he will even get married.

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